Valver was founded in 1986 as a company dedicated to manufacturing industrial labels for the automotive industry. Today, it has an extensive range of products: decorative, security and informative pieces, soundproofing pieces, logos, lettering, injected pieces, aluminum emblems, etc. To all of this must be added the patents that it has incorporated into its production flow.

The suite of all technologies places the company as a pioneer in the sector both in Europe and worldwide.

So far, Valver is the only company in the sector with all these technologies in Spain, the fourth in Europe and the twentieth in the world.

Thanks to the integration of all production processes in the structure of the company (screen printing, various processes of cutting and embossing, injection, revision, etc.), all ideas, changes in designs or new technical specifications by Customers can performed quickly, which makes it an efficent and dynamic company.

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  • Exterior body parts
    • Exterior trims, plastic pieces and decorative components
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