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Abril 2019 | Plataforma

Autoparts From Spain, the largest international showcase on offer from Spanish automotive equipment and component suppliers

As a part of an ambitious project, “Autoparts from Spain” has borned to promote internationally the offer from Spain and the export capacity of the equipment and automotive components manufacturers: 'made in Spain', SERNAUTO and ICEX Spain, Export and Investment launched this digital platform under the name of 'Autoparts FromSpain'.

You can use it in different languages; Spanish, English and French and it has information sheets on each company, with data, images and videos on all of their products. Different searches types are available in order to segment suppliers by Autonomous Regions.

We have a clear vision which contemplates the rolling out of marketing and communication campaigns in strategic countries to increase the visibility of Spanish component companies.

Why we launched “Autoparts from Spain”?

For decades, the Spanish Automotive Equipment and Components Manufacturing industry has been a global leader for its innovation, technology, experience and quality.

An industry whose origins in Spain date back to the early twentieth century, having established itself back in the mid-50s, it has continued to position itself during the following decades and was chosen by top-tier foreign manufacturers as the ideal place to install production plants for vehicles and components.

Nowadays, all international companies choose Spanish automotive components because all of them comply with demanding quality standards and safety controls. Also, all our members are devoted to client needs, offering first rate technical support with qualified, creative and adaptable teams, know-how and highly skilled workforce.

Spain is one of the Top 10 countries with the highest production of vehicles in the world, as well as being the 4th country in Europe with the highest production of components.

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