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Made in Spain

The distinguishing features of the Spanish automotive components suppliers

For decades, the Spanish Automotive Equipment and Components Manufacturing industry has been a global leader for its innovation, technology, experience and quality.

It offers a wide range of technologically advanced products, with high standards of safety and quality at competitive prices. Hence, its companies have become strategic suppliers of customers around the world.

The Spanish automotive industry dates back to the early twentieth century with leading brands of the era such as Hispano Suiza. In the 1950s, the appearance of SEAT marked the beginning of a solid industry of equipment and component manufacturers as suppliers. In the years that followed Spain began to position itself in the automotive sector, being chosen by top-tier foreign manufacturers as the ideal place to install their production plants for vehicles and components. Since then, Spain has experienced significant economic and industrial growth that has had a very positive effect on the automotive industry, making it one of the reference countries in the sector worldwide.

Gestamp factory

Operating in+170countries throughout the 5 continents

61%of the turnover is exported

+1,164Beuros invested in R&D&I

Its creativity when facing new challenges and the ability to adapt, developed by working with brands of different cultures has made Spanish equipment and components companies increasingly flexible, forward thinking and firmly committed to doing the job well.

Currently, car manufacturers from around the world have production centres in Spain, with 17 vehicle assembly plants and more than 1000 vehicle component manufacturing companies. It is a very developed and large industry which, in spite of the high level of global competition, has managed to keep ahead.

The statistics reaffirm the importance of the Spanish automotive industry. Spain is one of the Top 8 countries with the highest production of vehicles in the world, as well as the fourth biggest component producing country in Europe.The Spanish sector for equipment and components, as a whole, has a fundamental weight in the value chain of the vehicle, contributing to around 75% of its total. It is one of the sectors that exports the most, up to a total of 86% of production, to more than 130 countries.

Solid, international and
diversified industry

In Spain, there are large national and international groups, medium-sized companies and SMEs specializing in the manufacture of automotive equipment and components that have managed to consolidate nationally and internationally, operating in the main markets.

In addition, Spanish component manufacturers have been able to locate themselves geographically close to the vehicle production plants, thus providing them with a fast service suited to what they require.

Large multinationals in the equipment and components sector have also been established in Spain, due to the large number of automobile production plants and the good conditions offered by the country.

All this has paved the way for a powerful industry with a global turnover of more than 30,000 million euros in recent years.

as the core concept

Noteworthy among the reasons for the boom in the Spanish Automotive Equipment and Components Manufacturing industry, is the productivity and the advanced degree of modernization of its factories, its significant investment in R&D&I and its highly qualified workforce

Manufacturers of automotive equipment and components employ more than 344,500 people in Spain, with a high level of qualification and specialisation.

Spanish companies are heavily committed to research, development and innovation, aware of the dynamism of the sector and the need to create new products that adapt to the increasingly demanding needs of companies in the sector. In fact, the Spanish Automotive Equipment and Components Manufacturing industry is one of the leading sectors in R&D&I on a national and European level.

A guarantee
of quality

Quality together with efficiency, skills and continuous training, differentiation and technological innovation make up the DNA of the components sector. It is essential to guarantee very high quality standards in each and every one of the vehicle construction stages, from design to manufacturing. As suppliers of the components that will be assembled in the vehicles, their role is essential in providing customers the confidence and assurance that the components supplied will work correctly.

To obtain excellent performance, component manufacturers invest significant resources in R&D&I that are applied both in the generation of new products and in the achievement of more efficient manufacturing processes, always fulfilling their customer requirements.


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