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Janvier 2022 | Produits

Mobilité connectée : l'importance des équipementiers automobiles

As the ABC news story states, more than 16 million vehicles will be “Smartphones on wheels” in Europe this year. This figure includes vehicles with Internet connection, according to a Berg Insight’s assessment, “by using such connection to optimize travel and reduce consumption“ as the piece highlights.

Connected mobility will be one of the big challenges for automotive component suppliers this year. But not only for them, because facing connected mobility, the automotive industry welcomes new players: tech and telecommunication startups and companies.

But not only that, the road the industry is taking will lead to a connected mobility but also to a safe, sustainable and automated one. This is supported by a study called “Contexto de la industria de componentes para automoción 2020. Plan de medidas empresariales (Automotive component industry 2020 context. Corporate measures plan) ” produced by SERNAUTO, Roland Berger and Alantra Spain. According to it, four macro-trends will set the future, the ones which belong to the MADE model:

Mobility: new marketing ways and transport use. Multiplication of mobility options and the rise of new business models and services.

Autonomy: the development of autonomous vehicles which makes necessary both regulatory and technical progress.

             Digitization: the big data analytics, connectivity and artificial intelligence are getting extended as well as the “Internet of things” applications which is transforming all around us and the vehicle in specific.

             Electrification: to face the carbon-free objectives and air quality regulations in urban centers. In the sense, the sector is in the middle of a transition process to a more efficient fuel consumption and increasing the relevance of alternative energy-powered vehicles.

In this way, the connected mobility will be one of the central matters this year according to specialized companies like Geotab, as reflected on the ABC piece. In it, the company assures that “2022 will pose a challenge to make a more smart, efficient and ecologic traveling” so “this explosion in digitization towards connected mobility will place itself as a great objective to satisfy client needs and get used to the new forthcoming world”.

In this sense, at SERNAUTO -association that leads the platform Autoparts from Spain-  states “the 5.0 industry is the following step”. An industry, the 5.0, that in European commission words some months ago “complements the current paradigm of the 4.0 industry and values new technologies which are careful with the environment and place worker welfare in the center of their productive processes”.

At SERNAUTO “The mobility transformation is here to stay “, so, new technologies, players and habits are consolidating both locally and abroad “in this stage both public and private collaboration becomes a key factor “

At Autoparts from Spain we share SERNAUTO’s vision regarding the mobility’s paradigm change. Every time, it means “the future” a bit less to become “the present” a lot more. A safe, sustainable and automated connected mobility to which Autoparts from Spain’s manufactures are investing strongly in I+D aiming to reach such connected mobility goals.

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