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Design and Quality equivalent to the original equipment

Since 1957, Talosa has become the market leader in the manufacturing and distribution of automobile steering&suspension and rubber-metal parts.

We currently have a catalogue comprising more than 18,000 products for over 4,620 passenger vehicle, 4x4 and van models. Furthermore, a special and significant increase has been seen in products for Asian vehicles.

Every year, we develop 1.500 new products that have the same design and quality as the originals and that comply with a programme set up for the comprehensive manufacturing of all chassis parts, particularly steering and suspension, strut , transmisión and engine mounting, bushings, etc., for different automobile models.

As such, the daily addition of new products in our online catalogue and a warehouse with a quick and efficient logistical service help us to respond to and meet any aftermarket requirement relating to control arms, ball joints, axial joints, tie rod end, stabiliser links, suspension spheres, CV joints, drive shafts, bushings and strut, transmisión and engine mounting.

Products range

Chassis, steering, suspension and braking

Chassis, steering, suspension and braking


  • Brackets


  • Steering stem
  • Steering rod
  • Steering shafts and ball joints
  • Steering shafts and ball joints


  • Other shock absorber components
  • Suspension ball joints
  • Stabilizer bars and oscillating arms
  • Suspension arms
Rubber and plastic parts

Rubber and plastic parts

Rubber, rubber bound metal and latex. piping and rubber profiles

  • Rubber-bound metal parts
  • Silentbloc and metal parts for
  • Rubber antivibratory, rubber-bound metal

Plastics, moulded parts and plastic tubing

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