Anglí Industrias

Anglí Industrias

Since 1954, Anglí Industrias, has been supplying electrical and electronic component solutions for the automotive industry. All products are designed, manufactured and tested in our Barcelona factory.
We offer a wide range of products with equivalent quality to that of OEM products, including sensors, oil pressure switches, stop light and reversing light switches, temperature sensors, ignition coils, contact sets, ignition wire sets, distributor caps, distributor rotors.
Our reputation for high-quality and reliable solutions has provided us with loyal customers.  
International markets, covering more than 40 countries, contribute to over 50% of our total turnover.

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Anglí Industrias

Products range

The engine and its elements

  • Lubrication and cooling systems
    • Plugs (crankcase, oil, radiator, fuel, expansion tanks)

Electric equipment

  • Starter and ignition
    • Switches, disconnectors and battery terminals
    • Ignition coils
  • Generators and regulators
    • Electric and electronic regulators for alternators or dynamos
  • Electrical installation components
    • Wiring, spark plug wires, earth cables and connectors
    • Switches and disconnectors
    • Stop/Reversing light switches
  • Measurement and control instruments
    • Pressure switches, thermo switches and thermo-resistance

Electronic components

  • Engine electronic management system
    • Electronic starter
  • Sensors
    • Thermistor (NTC)
    • Wheel speed sensor ABS
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