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AUTOFREN-SEINSA is a flagship company under SEINSA CORPORATION and one of the leading manufacturer of automotive braking, transmission, steering and suspension system products for major OEMs, Tier 1/2 and Aftermarket customers worldwide for the last 5 decades and continuing. Our current 3 production plants located in Spain and the one in India are certified with IATF 16949:2016. The catalogue, with more than 16,000 references for more than 650,000 applications, covers 85 European, Asiatic and American vehicle brands in 85 countries.

Our main products are:
•    Brake caliper repair kit (seals, boots, pistons, guide pins, bleeder screws)
•    Brake caliper/drum brake accessory kit (padclips, springs)
•    Brake/clutch master and wheel cylinder repair kit (seals, cups, boots) 
•    CV joint/steering rack boot repair kit (including the universal ones)
•    Shock absorber protection kit (bumper and boot)
•    Repair kit for ABS Sensors




Products range

Chassis, steering, suspension and braking

Chassis, steering, suspension and braking


  • Steering shafts and ball joints


  • Other suspension components

Braking equipment

  • Cylinders (hydraulic, pneumatic), master cylinders and accessories
  • Braking and repair kits (pads and disks, drum)
  • Other brake parts
The transmission and its elements

The transmission and its elements


  • Repair kits

Transmissions, connections and axles

  • Transmission protection bellows
Electronic components

Electronic components


  • Wheel speed sensor
Rubber and plastic parts

Rubber and plastic parts

Rubber, rubber bound metal and latex. piping and rubber profiles

  • Rubber-bound metal parts
  • Moulded rubber parts
  • Rubber seals
  • Rubber parts

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