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DOGA is a company founded in 1958 in Barcelona (Spain) and for over 60 years, DOGA has been designing and manufacturing automotive components.

Passion, perseverance and self-demand are values that allow us to constantly evolve, both technologically and in manufacturing, and every day in DOGA is a new opportunity to improve, to face new challenges and above all to bet on a demanding customer with high expectations.

Each product is the result of a unique project that has been developed specifically for each application. In order to offer a complete range of products, we design and produce windshield wiper systems, washer systems, automotive tanks, plastic components, DC motors and window lifters.

Electronics has allowed us to take our motors to a higher level and the accurate control of the movement offers a unique and precise result that meets the requirements of each customer.

With affiliated companies in the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Morocco, India and China, we export our products to more than 70 countries and operate in multiple markets, including passenger cars, industrial vehicles, buses, trains, agriculture and construction machinery, material handling, boats, motorcycles and industry.

Products range

Chassis, steering, suspension and braking

Chassis, steering, suspension and braking

Braking equipment

  • Depósito de líquido de frenos
The engine and its elements

The engine and its elements

Lubrication and cooling systems

  • Engine fans
  • Expansion tanks


Doors and windows

  • Window raisers and components
Electric equipment

Electric equipment

Electrical installation components

  • Wind shield wiper systems: pumps, timers and other components
  • Electric fans
  • Electric fans and electric motors
Rubber and plastic parts

Rubber and plastic parts

Plastics, moulded parts and plastic tubing

  • Plastic pipes and tanks
  • Moulded and injected plastic parts
Car interior

Car interior

Window regulators

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