FAE - Francisco Albero, S.A.U.

FAE - Francisco Albero, S.A.U.


At FAE we manufacture electrical and electronic components for the IAM and OEM automotive sector in Barcelona since 1952. We have two plants with a total area of 17,000 m², more than 5,000 references in catalogue, and export 75% to more than 100 different countries.

We consolidated our position in the sector of designing multilayer ceramic applications, developing ceramic substrates, and implementing microelectronic systems thanks to the 700 m² ISO-7 Cleanroom with a production capacity of 6 million units per year. We also have a 180 m² ESD Room to manufacture our electronic components.

What does the FAE product range include?

 • ENGINE MANAGEMENT AND OTHER SENSORS: Oxygen sensor, Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors, Parking sensors, Pressure sensor, Exhaust gas pressure sensor, Camshaft sensor, Crankshaft sensor, Wheel speed sensor - ABS, RPM sensor, Speed sensor, Electric valve, Solenoid valve, Knock sensor.

 • THERMAL MANAGEMENT: Thermostatic solenoid valves (heating), Water, ambient, air intake temperature sensor, Fan and temperature thermo contact, Thermoresistance, Oil temperature thermo-resistance, Thermostat covers, Thermostat.

 • IGNITION SYSTEM: Ignition coil, Ignition cable set, Termoplus and glow plugs.

 • SWITCHES AND GADGETS: Stop light switch, Reverse light switch, Clutch pedal switch, High pressure switch, Oil and pneumatic pressure sensor, Oil and air pressure transmitter, Accessory.

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Products range

Electric equipment

  • Starter and ignition
    • Ignition coils
  • Electrical installation components
    • Wiring, spark plug wires, earth cables and connectors
    • Stop/Reversing light switches
    • Electro valves and solenoids
  • Measurement and control instruments
    • Pressure switches, thermo switches and thermo-resistance
    • Voltmeters, ammeters, brake meters, manometers and thermostats
    • Clocks

Electronic components

  • Sensors
    • Thermistor (NTC)
    • Knock sensor (piezoelectric)
    • Wheel speed sensor ABS
    • TDC sensor (inductive)
    • Air pressure sensor (inductive)
    • Exhaust gas pressure sensor
    • Lambda sensors
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