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FAE - Francisco Albero, S.A.U.

Electrical and electronic components manufacturer


At FAE we manufacture electrical and electronic components for the IAM and OEM automotive sector in Barcelona since 1952. We have two plants with a total area of 17,000 m², more than 5,000 references in catalogue, and export 75% to more than 100 different countries.

We consolidated our position in the sector of designing multilayer ceramic applications, developing ceramic substrates, and implementing microelectronic systems thanks to the 700 m² ISO-7 Cleanroom with a production capacity of 6 million units per year. We also have a 180 m² ESD Room to manufacture our electronic components.

What does the FAE product range include?

 • ENGINE MANAGEMENT AND OTHER SENSORS: Oxygen sensor, Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors, Parking sensors, Pressure sensor, Exhaust gas pressure sensor, Camshaft sensor, Crankshaft sensor, Wheel speed sensor - ABS, RPM sensor, Speed sensor, Electric valve, Solenoid valve, Knock sensor.

 • THERMAL MANAGEMENT: Thermostatic solenoid valves (heating), Water, ambient, air intake temperature sensor, Fan and temperature thermo contact, Thermoresistance, Oil temperature thermo-resistance, Thermostat covers, Thermostat.

 • IGNITION SYSTEM: Ignition coil, Ignition cable set, Termoplus and glow plugs.

 • SWITCHES AND GADGETS: Stop light switch, Reverse light switch, Clutch pedal switch, High pressure switch, Oil and pneumatic pressure sensor, Oil and air pressure transmitter, Accessory.

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Products range

Electric equipment

Electric equipment

Starter and ignition

  • Ignition coils

Electrical installation components

  • Wiring, spark plug wires, earth cables and connectors
  • Stop/Reversing light switches
  • Electro valves and solenoids

Measurement and control instruments

  • Pressure switches, thermo switches and thermo-resistance
  • Voltmeters, ammeters, brake meters, manometers and thermostats
  • Clocks
Electronic components

Electronic components


  • Thermistor (NTC)
  • Knock sensor (piezoelectric)
  • Wheel speed sensor ABS
  • TDC sensor (inductive)
  • Air pressure sensor (inductive)
  • Exhaust gas pressure sensor
  • Lambda sensors

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