Fersa Bearings,  S.A

Fersa Bearings, S.A

Fersa Bearings is a Spanish multinational company devoted to the design, development, manufacture and distribution of high-quality complete bearing solutions for the automotive market. We have over 50 years’ of industry expertise and –since 2016- we are part of Fersa Group together with the Austrian industrial bearing manufacturer,NKE.

Our team always works towards excellence both in our products and our services. We are loyal to our company philosophy, becoming a flexible, agile and dynamiccompany, focused on the needs of an ever changing market. Our main goal is the customer which lead us to create specific solutions, adapted to their requirements.

We firmly believe in investments in innovation, technology and team talent as an engine of growth. This way of thinking has helped us growing day by day, becoming one of the benchmark brands due to the quality of our product and high standard of our service. We are completely committed to the process of continuous improvement, both in terms of our products, processes and organization wherever we are.

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Fersa Bearings, S.A

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Products range

The transmission and its elements

  • Gearboxes and differentials
    • Bearings

Metal components, bearings and friction elements

  • Bearings and components
    • Needles, rollers, steel balls and bearing cages
    • Kits
    • Needle-roller bearings
    • Ball bearings
    • Steering bearings
    • Clutch bearings
    • Roller bearings (cylindrical and conical)
    • Dual wire tapered bearings
    • Cylindrical bearings
    • Special ball bearings
    • Axial bearings
    • Bearing hubs
    • Auxiliary components for bearings
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