Gestamp is a Spanish multinational specialized in the design, development and manufacture of metal components for top vehicle manufacturers. It develops products with an innovative design to produce lighter and safer vehicles, including EV, which offer improved energy consumption and a reduced environmental impact. Its products cover the areas of body-in-white, chassis and mechanisms.

The company is present in 24 countries with more than 100 manufacturing plants, 13 R&D centers and a workforce of more than 40,000 employees worldwide. Its turnover was €7.456m in 2020. Gestamp is listed on the Spanish stock market under the GEST ticker.

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Products range

Forging, casting, pressing and stamping

  • Deep-drawing and stamping
    • Metal stamping and stamping in general
    • Metal plate stamping for bodywork
    • Cold stamped or die-cast parts
    • Stamping assemblies and unit assembly.
    • Medium and deep drawing, pressed parts
    • Cold stamped steel parts
    • Curved and welded tube structures. Welded assemblies

Chassis, steering, suspension and braking

  • Braking equipment
    • Other brake parts


  • Exterior body parts
    • Outer bodywork stamping
  • Doors and windows
    • Locks and closing mechanisms

Metal components, bearings and friction elements

  • Other metal components
    • Small welded mechanical assemblies
    • Complete welded metal assemblies
    • Interior bodywork stamping
    • Special fasteners and flexible couplings
  • Customised machining
    • Die construction
    • Die cutting

Workshop equipment and tools

  • Tools and utensils
    • Dies and tools

Service for the automotive industry

  • Technological centres, laboratories, testing centres
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