Company dedicated to the manufacture of electrical wiring and injection of technical parts for companies in the automotive sector, among others. Providing technical support services to our customers, to solve problems and develop solutions according to their needs and those of the markets. As well as the development of new products, through the use of new technologies and the knowledgeacquired for more than 30 years, to cover the demands and demands of the current and future markets.

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Products range

Electric equipment

  • Electrical installation components
    • Electrical wiring for vehicle components

Electronic components

  • Sensors
    • Thermistor (NTC)

Rubber and plastic parts

  • Rubber, rubber bound metal and latex. piping and rubber profiles
    • Rubber parts
  • Plastics, moulded parts and plastic tubing
    • POM, PBT or PET injected or extruded parts
    • Moulded and injected plastic parts

Service for the automotive industry

  • Other services

Car interior

  • Sunvisor
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