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Leading expert in the transformation of Steel and Aluminium for a safer and more sustainable future


Gonvarri Industries was founded in 1958 and has continued its growth by expanding globally and diversifying.

It is a leader in the steel and aluminum transformation business, emphasizing sustainable and profitable growth and continuous improvement of products and services with the aim of strengthening relationships with customers and suppliers. 

In service centers, metal undergoes a series of high-tech processes that allow the product to meet customer needs. As an expert in the steel sector, Gonvarri Industries defines the following business units: Service Centers, Metal Structures, Material Handling and Precision Tubes.

Products range

Forging, casting, pressing and stamping

Forging, casting, pressing and stamping

Deep-drawing and stamping

  • Cold stamped or die-cast parts
  • Curved and welded tube structures. Welded assemblies
  • Flat blanks in Steel and Aluminum
  • Steel and Aluminum coils
  • Steel and Stainless steel tubes
  • 2D and 3D Laser Cut


Exterior body parts

  • Other outer bodywork components
Metal components, bearings and friction elements

Metal components, bearings and friction elements

Other metal components

  • Interior bodywork stamping

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