Lizarte,  S.A

Lizarte, S.A

Lizarte is a manufacturer of car spare parts since 1973 and offers a wide range of power steering, power steering pumps, air conditioning compressors, hydro-pneumatic suspension spheres, diesel injection systems, EGR valves and ignition coils. We are specialists in the remanufacturing process and are endorsed by the highest quality standards (ISO 9001: 2018 and TS 16949).

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Lizarte, S.A

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Products range

Chassis, steering, suspension and braking

  • Steering
    • Hydraulic steering and components
    • Mechanical steering and components
    • Power-assisted and servo steering systems
    • Steering rack
    • Steering box
    • Steering columns
  • Suspension
    • Pneumatic suspension

The engine and its elements

  • Carburetting and fuel injection
    • Fuel pumps
    • Injectors and nozzles Fuel injectors and fuel injection nozzles


  • Heating and air conditioning systems
    • Compressors for air conditioning systems

Electric equipment

  • Starter and ignition
    • Ignition coils
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