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December 2022 | Platform

Automotive Component Exports close 2022’s second quarter reaching 7,484 million euros

Billing figures in the second quarter of the year for Spanish automotive exports of components and equipments reached €7,480 million. It presents a +18.7% inter-annual growth rate compared to 2021.

This growth shows how strong and relevant international markets are for the Spanish components sector. According to Begoña Llamazares, Coordinator of the Plataform Autoparts from SpainInternationalization is a tool our industry holds to handle the struggles of crisis periods. Besides, it strengthens the image of the sector as a global automotive supplier for the supply chain and the spare market world”.

The Spanish industry of automotive suppliers performs in a global environment, in this way internationalization becomes a strong signal of identity because of its relevance for supporting and empowering the sector.

Between May and August 2022, the relevance of quarterly exports on the global figures of Spanish sales of components to the European Union markets (EU27) is placed on a 64.8%. Sales to EU partners registered a +18.3 inter-annual growth with €4,847 million.


Exports of automotive components and equipments within the European Union


Inter-annually speaking, sales have increased in EU markets with a two-digit rate growth: Germany (+16.5%), with figures of € 1,225 million. France (+28.5%), with a €1,205 million worth of sales. Portugal (+17.9%), with a €622 million billing. Italy (+10.3%), with €384 million. Poland (+15.4%), with figures of €255 million or Czech Republic +17.7% with €206 million.

Exports of automotive component and equipment outside European Union


Outside the European Union, a two-digit billing increase can be seen in all main partners but China, which experiments a contraction:

  • United States is consolidated as the main destination for Spanish exports outside the EU with €546 million a +50.8% growth compared with the same period in 2021.
  • UK shows a +17.8% inter-annual rate growth compared to 2021, with total exports of €378 million.
  • Morocco has shown a +11.9% growth with figures of €313 million, ranking third main destination outside the European Union.
  • China trends down with exports of €185 million, an -11.7% decrease compared to 2021.
  • Other relevant markets for Spanish exports such as Mexico, Turkey, South Africa or Brazil show a more dynamic market compared to 2021 with +31.7%, +29%, 14.7% and +3.5% inter-annual rates respectively.

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