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November 2021 | Platform

Automotive component manufacturers Spain: Investment in R+D+I, key to its success

Numbers don't lie. Spanish automotive components manufacturers lead their sector on a global scale. They export their products to more than 170 countries around the world. These exports represent more than 58% of their total revenue, which is considered a remarkable success in this industry.

One of the main reasons for this achievement by Spanish automotive components manufacturers beyond their borders is the undeniable quality of "made in Spain" components. Their quality standard primarily results from a significant investment in crucial activities such as research, development, and innovation (R+D+I). This investment amounts to around 1.5 billion euros.

A group of over 30 major Spanish automotive components manufacturers are part of the Autoparts from Spain platform, promoted by Sernauto and ICEX since 2018. This association encompasses more than 30 Spanish automotive component suppliers. Its main goal is to promote the internationalization of these companies.

The more than 30 Spanish automotive components manufacturers affiliated with Autoparts from Spain cover the production of components in product families such as:

  • Forging, casting, stamping, and metalworking
  • Chassis, steering, suspension, and braking
  • Engine and its components
  • Transmission and related parts
  • Bodywork
  • Electrical equipment
  • Electronic components
  • Metal components, bearings, and friction elements
  • Rubber and plastic parts
  • Workshop equipment and tools
  • Chemical products
  • Accessories and tuning
  • Automotive services
  • Interior components and interior lighting


Quality, the Focus of Investment in R+D+I by Spanish Automotive Components Manufacturers


If there's one characteristic that defines the industry of Spanish automotive components manufacturers, it's quality, undoubtedly the sector's primary hallmark. One of the factors that enables this high level of quality is the application of strict quality standards in every phase of the process, from design to manufacturing and distribution.

In this regard, a significant portion of this investment in R+D+I is directed towards ensuring the utmost quality in all products and processes, which are increasingly optimized and, consequently, more efficient.

Furthermore, with a total investment in R+D+I exceeding 4% of their annual revenue, the Spanish automotive components manufacturing industry is one of the leading sectors in R+D+I, both within and outside Spain's borders. The industry's innovation investment figures are even triple the average investment in the entire industrial sector in Spain.

This drive, coupled with other factors like a high level of productivity and efficiency, as well as the significant qualification of their human resources, positions the Spanish automotive components manufacturing industry with a strong international presence, spanning more than 170 countries across five continents.

As a result, the Spanish automotive components manufacturing sector plays a crucial role in the vehicle value chain, contributing to around 75% of the total value.

With all these aspects in mind, the Spanish automotive components manufacturing industry can offer significant added value through continuous improvement processes applied to product, processes, and services.

Thus, Autoparts from Spain is a platform that brings together Spanish automotive suppliers to showcase their work in R+D+I and boost their export potential. Would you like to get to know them? Access the directory of automotive component manufacturers affiliated with Autoparts from Spain.

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