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April 2021 | Companies

Spanish automotive component suppliers are committed to quality and innovation

As new challenges and initiatives emerge in the automotive industry, automotive component suppliers must adapt and, at times, address issues that they had not previously considered. All of this, without losing sight of the known solutions that are still in demand.

In this new situation, Spanish component manufacturers grow under one premise: working for the vehicles of the present and the future. This is a complex task in which agile movements, quick decisions, and standards of excellence will have a significant influence, factors that the Spanish automotive component supplier sector undoubtedly fulfills satisfactorily.

In fact, one of the most commonly used concepts today, Industry 4.0, has been known and worked on by numerous Spanish component companies for several years.

Furthermore, the strong commitment of the Spanish automotive component supplier sector to research, development, and innovation (R+D+I) is gaining more and more relevance. This commitment is a crucial factor in driving the sector's exports in recent decades, as it caters to the increasingly demanding needs of its customers in a dynamic industry.

In fact, with an investment in innovation exceeding 4% of its annual turnover, the Spanish automotive component supplier industry is one of the leading sectors in R+D+I, both within and beyond our borders.

The investment in innovation in the Spanish automotive component supplier sector triples the average investment in the entire industrial sector in Spain.

This impetus, combined with other factors such as high levels of productivity and efficiency and a highly qualified workforce, has led the Spanish automotive component supplier industry to have a significant international presence, reaching over 170 countries on five continents.

In this scenario, the Spanish automotive component supplier sector plays a fundamental role in the vehicle value chain, contributing approximately 75% of the total value.

For years, prior to the health emergency, the evolution of Spanish exports of equipment and components has been characterized by an upward trajectory, with the European Union as the main destination.


The quality, a focus of investment in R+D+I for Spanish automotive component suppliers


If the Spanish automotive component supplier industry is known for one thing, it's quality, a hallmark of the sector. This quality is achieved, among other factors, through the application of high-quality standards at every phase of the process, from design to manufacturing and distribution.

In this regard, a significant percentage of the investment in R&D&I is directed towards ensuring the highest quality in all products and processes, which are increasingly optimized and, consequently, more efficient.

With all of this, the Spanish automotive component supplier industry can offer significant added value through continuous improvement processes applied to the product, process, and service.

Autoparts from Spain is a platform that brings together Spanish automotive suppliers to showcase their work in R&D&I and promote their export potential. Would you like to learn more? Access the directory of automotive component manufacturers affiliated with Autoparts from Spain.

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