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May 2019 | Platform

Automotive sector in Spain, internationalization and innovation

Nowadays, more than ever, Spanish companies are addressing a business vision focused on internationalization. And they are standing out in several areas due to their competitiveness and determination for improving in R&D&I, of quality standards and of their excellence. 

One of the most important factors among them is the relevance that Spanish automotive sector is gaining at an international level, because the 83% of vehicles made in Spain are exported to more than 100 countries.

The very relevant data according to ICEX España Exportación e Inversiones , help us to understand from a more accurate perspective the relevance of the automotive sector both in Spain and Europa. In fact, Spain is the second automotive manufacturer at European level, and the first one in industrial vehicles. This way, the automotive sector in Spain is becoming an example to follow for brands that are able to offer the most innovative and efficient solutions. 

Automotive Equipment and Component Manufacturers  - experience and future

In a such strategic sector in Spain like automotion, with an important contribution to Spanish GDP (10%), the equipment and components manufacturers are placed in the top positions regarding R&D&I processes. 

Aware of the dynamic environment in which they act, these companies value competitiveness and compile efficiency as a fundamental pillar in their strategies, without which they could not ‘survive’. 

“This fact is demonstrated, in an objective way, with the percentage of investment that the companies devote to R&D&I goals, the 4% of the companies’ turnover specifically. It means to triplicate the average investment of the industry in Spain.” - José Portilla, CEO of SERNAUTO

Today, there are more than 1,000 companies at Spanish components sector and most of them export their products around the world, to more than 170 countries from 5 continents. In all these countries they offer an added value thanks to their wide and proved experience, their know how in processes and the application of ad hoc solutions. 

Given the context of disruption and decarbonization in which the industry is, the automotive sector in Spain, and specifically component manufacturers, advocate placing quality as the focus of all their actions, both on the management model and in the manufacture of products as in the offer of services. 

Working focused on the vehicle of present and future 

As new challenges and initiatives arise, companies must adapt and, sometimes, solve problems that had never been raised before, all, without losing perspective on solutions already known and still demanded. In this new position, the Spanish manufacturers of components grow according to a motto, “Working focused on vehicle of present and future”

A complex task where agile movements, fast decisions and excellence standards will be key, which, no doubt, the Spanish sector meets satisfactorily.

In fact, one of the most used concepts nowadays, ‘Industry 4.0’, is known and developed by a lot of Spanish companies devoted to automotive components.

Autoparts from Spain, a platform where Spanish companies of automotive components join strengths to boost internationalization

According to this point, with the objective of promoting the internationalization and the visibility of this sector where Spanish companies have a relevant position, important companies and SME add their strengths in our innovative platform, Autoparts form Spain.

Access to our directory where you will find a list of the Spanish companies which represent the present and the future of automotive components manufacturing

Do you want to discover more about what ‘Marca España’ of automotive components could offer to your business? Click AutopartsFrom Spain  and fill in the contact form.


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