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March 2023 |

These are the challenges the automotive components sector faces to reach a more digitalized and sustainable industry

The automotive industry in Spain has turned into a very relevant sector in our industry and a reference worldwide. This is due to its high efficiency and productivity together with a qualified staff and a top automation level

This sector is currently under transition. Industrial companies are trying new operative models and therefore focus its attention to a higher sustainability to improve efficiency, reduce costs and lessen environmental impact. From this year on, the industry will start to experience meaningful changes regarding both digitization and sustainable aspects.


#AFSchallenges: challenges the automotive components sector faces to reach more digitalized and sustainable mobility



One of the main challenges in the sector of automotive components is reaching carbon-neutral emissions. Aspects with more influence in emission production are at the engine parts (41%) and the vehicle weight and its components (24%).

There are several initiatives, from brands belonging to Autoparts from Spain, that are in motion to get zero emissions in vehicles. However, this is not doable unless a viable and efficient charging network is available. In this sense, automotive suppliers and manufacturers in Europe such as ACEA or CLEPA have joined together to demand a coherent decarbonization policy which encourages the purchase of heavy zero-emission vehicles and invest in charging infrastructures and electric technologies.


In the European union an average of 85% of vehicle components at the end of their lifecycle are reused. The components remanufacturing activities are used respectfully in the parts market and they also promote even more a raw-materials recycling for new component manufacture to contribute a sustainable mobility and assure functionality, quality and safety in the parts


Achieving the zero accidents goal in 2050 requires an ongoing work on the following aspects:

  • Responsible vehicle maintenance: keep up with safety measures above minimums, minimize accident risks and reduce emissions. 
  • Using the car as a third personal space. Introducing parts and components oriented to understand a vehicle as a flexible personal space.
  • Create consumer’s awareness by actions, products, channels and media capacity in the sector
  • Automotive suppliers are focused on I+D. This includes software, artificial intelligence, connectivity, data analysis, electric propulsion systems, etc. All these intends to bring up a smarter vehicle and a safer driving experience.


The smart car is a reality in constant evolution. The goal is creating more autonomous, connected and customized vehicles with a solid risk prevention and anticipation and more comfortable, etc. 

Achieving this requires both the vehicle and the infrastructure to be at the core of users’ connections and communications. This is the place where digitization turns to be essential. The most notable features would be the following:

  • 100%Connectivity 
  • Traffic management
  • Preventive maintenance and repair
  • Energy efficiency
  • Smart parking
  • Safety
  • Driver’s comfort

Due to all mentioned above, it is getting increasingly demanded that automotive components bring the efficiency and safety required to generate the perfect smart car.

These are the aspects automotive components manufacturers must consider while going through the sustainable digital transition: 

  • Technology is the means to meet with labor and environmental legislation.
  • Technology helps answer the demands for efficiency, health, safety and cyber security.
  • Collaboration among technological centers bring innovation and increase competitiveness.

At Autoparts From Spain, we are completely committed to these objectives and goals settled by the industry. To do so, under the hashtag  #AFSChallenges, we will keep you posted via social networks on how brands belonging to the initiative are working to overcome these challenges and achieve a digitalized and sustainable mobility.

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