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December 2021 | Products

Automotive accessory manufacturers: what they are like and where to find them

A large number of Spanish companies can be considered as automotive accessories manufacturers, but what are these types of components?

We can say that an accessory for a car is an element or object that is part of it, whether or not it has a basic function. Automotive accessories manufacturers are dedicated to producing compatible and essential additions to perform functions executed within the vehicle through mechanical, electronic, and other connections.

Automotive accessories can be classified according to their nature as exterior, interior, or vehicle-related. It is in this last category where Spanish automotive accessories manufacturers are truly specialized.

Companies producing these types of accessories work with the aim of meeting the demanding conditions set by their customers, who want to meet the needs of users. That is, they aim to make any car capable of transporting a load capacity beyond what can fit in the trunk or on the roof rack.

Therefore, automotive accessories manufacturers strive to produce accessories such as hitches, balls, or specific loading devices (DCPs) that are used to transport objects such as bicycles, skis, luggage, and even places to stay, such as caravans.


Automotive Accessories Manufacturers Who Are Part of Autoparts From Spain


Among the companies that are automotive accessories manufacturers and belong to Autoparts From Spain, one company in particular stands out: Enganches Aragón.

This supplier has been manufacturing and marketing hitches for a wide range of the main cars, SUVs, and commercial vehicles that operate throughout Spain for almost 30 years. Enganches Aragón leads the Spanish market, mainly due to the quality and safety of its products. Additionally, through its TowCar brand, this company provides solutions to carry bicycles, motorcycles, skis, luggage, and even dogs through its TowBox utility.

Enganches Aragón's challenge is to provide different and improved transportation solutions every year, in addition to maintaining its leadership among automotive accessories manufacturers.

This producer is located in Zaragoza, Spain, and exports its components to more than 60 countries across five continents thanks to dedicated customer service and a highly competitive product.

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