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February 2021 | Exhibitions

Discover everything about Automechanika Frankfurt

Manufacturers and distributors of automotive components from around the world will participate in the upcoming Automechanika Frankfurt trade fair. Among the participants, over 30 Spanish automotive component manufacturers from the Autoparts from Spain platform will also be present at the fair.

Automechanika Frankfurt is the most significant international event in the automotive sector. This edition, originally planned for the past year, was postponed due to the health emergency. If the pandemic situation allows, it will take place next September, from the 14th to the 18th of that month.

Automechanika Frankfurt is the primary trade fair for the sector held in Europe. As a key meeting point for manufacturers and distributors of automotive components, among other industry stakeholders, this fair provides an ideal space for automotive component manufacturers to showcase their work to the automotive sector. Likewise, it serves as a premier platform for suppliers of automotive components to establish business relationships with international distributors of automotive components. In this regard, more than 30 companies affiliated with Autoparts from Spain will be in attendance.


International Gathering for Manufacturers and Distributors of Automotive Components on the Theme of "The Mobility of the Future"


The Automechanika Frankfurt fair has established itself as one of the main forums for the automotive sector, focusing each year on a central theme. And what will be the main theme of Automechanika Frankfurt 2021? The fair will maintain the theme originally planned for 2020, "The Mobility of the Future." Manufacturers of automotive components from around the world will share advancements related to the future of mobility around this theme.

Spanish manufacturers of automotive components have a significant presence at this fair, one of the most relevant on the international stage. Autoparts from Spain will also be present with more than 30 companies from our platform, providing an ideal meeting place to establish contacts and strengthen relationships with major distributors of automotive components on a European and global scale, as well as with other stakeholders or interest groups for Spanish component manufacturers.

In this context, Spanish manufacturers of automotive components are committed to research, development, and innovation, recognizing the dynamism of the sector and the need to create new products that meet the increasingly demanding market needs.

The Spanish automotive equipment and components industry is a leader in R+D+i, both nationally and internationally. This strong commitment to R+D+i corresponds to an investment of around 4% of its turnover, which is three times the industrial average in Spain.

Moreover, quality is one of the main hallmarks of the Spanish component industry, ensuring high-quality standards for all phases of vehicle construction.

Furthermore, with the goal of achieving excellent performance, component manufacturers make significant investments in generating new products and achieving more efficient manufacturing processes, always oriented towards quality and sustainability.

With all this, Spanish component manufacturers offer high added value, thanks to continuous improvement in product, process, and service.

These high-quality standards, coupled with professionalism, sustainability, and innovation, ensure that the Spanish brand of automotive components is present in more than 170 countries. Despite the health crisis caused by COVID-19 in recent months, it continues to be the top choice for many automotive manufacture

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