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What product types can be found on Autoparts From Spain?

The "Autoparts From Spain" platform seeks to optimise all the products offered by Spanish component suppliers and provide accessibility of service to its international customers, both vehicle manufacturers and spare parts distributors. 

34 Spanish component manufacturers have already joined the project to boost their visibility and enhance the brand "Autoparts from Spain", characterized by its quality, innovation, technology and experience. Take a look of this infography.

How to browse the platform?

Browsing the platform is very simple. You can download a catalogue of products by autonomous community, see the complete list of companies or choose between the different categories of products: 

  • In the "Download catalogue" a catalogue of manufacturers segmented by autonomous communities can be downloaded.
  • In the "Companies" section, entries contain information about each company, contents, images and videos of their products. 
  • In the "products" section, a search engine is available through which any type of search can be conducted; by product category, by company, by type of manufacturer as well as segmenting suppliers by autonomous communities.

What product categories can be found on Autoparts From Spain?

If you are looking for a specific automotive component, browse through our extensive catalogue of products and find the right company that will cover all your needs with the utmost rigor, quality, professionalism and guarantee: 

1. Forging, casting, pressing and stamping

  • Forging
  • Deep-drawing and stamping

2. Chassis, steering, suspension and braking

  • Chassis
  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • Braking equipment

3. The engine and its elements

  • External components
  • Internal components
  • Distribution
  • Carburation and fuel injection
  • Lubrication and cooling systems

4. The transmission and its elements

  • Clutches
  • Gearboxes and differentials
  • Transmissions, connections and axles

5. Bodywork

  • Exterior body parts
  • Doors and windows
  • Interior body parts
  • Heating and air conditioning systems

6. Electric equipment

  • Starter and ignition
  • Generators and regulators
  • Electrical installation components
  • Lighting and signalling
  • Measurement and control instruments

7. Electronic components

  • Automotive electronics
  • Engine electronic management system
  • Sensors

8. Metal components, bearings and friction elements

  • Metal fastening components
  • Other metal components
  • Bearings and components
  • Sintered parts and anti-friction components
  • Customised machining

9. Rubber and plastic parts

  • Rubber, rubber bound metal and latex. piping and rubber profiles
  • Plastics, moulded parts and plastic tubing

10. Workshop equipment and tools

  • Testing equipment
  • Tools and utensils

11. Chemical products

  • General chemical products
  • Paints and painting equipment

12. Accessories and tuning

  • Exterior components
  • Interior components

13. Services for the automotive industry

  • Technological centres, laboratories, testing centres
  • Certification entities
  • Other services

14. Car interior

  • Instrument panel
  • Center console
  • Panorama roof systems
  • Modular roof
  • Sunshades
  • Headliner Substrate
  • Door modules
  • Door panels
  • Power windows
  • Coatings
  • Cockpits

15. Interior lighting

  • Overhead consoles
  • Multi-use lights
  • Ambient lights


If you have questions about the platform, its contents or any of its companies or products, consult the FAQ section or the Contact section and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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