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May 2019 | Platform

What kind of products can you find at Autoparts From Spain?

The "Autoparts From Spain" platform aims to highlight all the products offered by Spanish component suppliers, bringing them closer to their international customers, including vehicle manufacturers and spare parts distributors.

There are already 34 Spanish component manufacturers that have joined the project to boost their visibility and promote the "Autoparts from Spain" brand, known for its quality, innovation, technology, and experience. Take a look at this infographic.


How to navigate the platform?


Navigating the platform is straightforward. You can download a product catalog by autonomous community, view the complete list of companies, or choose from different product categories:

  • In the "Download Catalog" section, you can download a catalog of manufacturers segmented by autonomous communities.
  • In the "Companies" section, you will find profiles containing information about each company, content, images, and videos of their products.
  • In the "Products" section, there is a search tool that allows you to perform various searches by product category, by company, by manufacturer type, and to filter suppliers by autonomous communities.


What product categories will you find in Autoparts From Spain?


If you are looking for specific automotive components, browse through our extensive product catalog and find the right company to meet all your needs with the utmost rigor, quality, professionalism, and warranty:

Forging, casting, stamping, and forming

  • Forging Stamping and forming

Chassis, steering, suspension, and braking

  • Chassis
  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • Braking systems

Engine and its components

  • External components
  • Internal components
  • Distribution
  • Carburetion and injection
  • Lubrication and cooling

Transmission and its components

  • Clutches
  • Gearboxes and differentials
  • Transmissions, axles, and shafts


  • Exterior bodywork
  • Doors and windows
  • Interior bodywork
  • Heating and air conditioning systems

Electrical equipment

  • Starting and ignition
  • Generators and regulators
  • Electrical installation components
  • Lighting and signaling
  • Measurement and control instruments

Electronic components

  • Body electronics
  • Engine management electronics
  • Sensors

Metal components, bearings, and friction elements

  • Metal fastening components
  • Other metal components
  • Bearings and components
  • Sintered parts and friction elements
  • Machining based on blueprints

Rubber and plastic parts

  • Rubber, rubber-metal, and rubber tubes and profiles
  • Plastics, molded parts, and plastic tubes

Workshop equipment and tools

  • Testing and verification equipment
  • Tools and accessories

Chemical products

  • General chemical products
  • Paints and painting equipment

Accessories and tuning

  • Exterior elements
  • Interior elements

Automotive services

  • Technological centers, laboratories, testing centers
  • Certification entities
  • Other services

Interior of the car

  • Instrument panel
  • Central console
  • Panoramic roof systems
  • Modular roof
  • Sun visors
  • Roof substrate
  • Door modules
  • Door panels
  • Power windows
  • Linings Cockpits

Interior lighting

  • Roof consoles
  • Multi-purpose lights
  • Ambient lighting


If you have any questions about the platform, its content, or any of its companies or products, you can consult the Frequently Asked Questions section or the contact section, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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