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Septembre 2020 | Plate-forme

Autoparts from Spain joins European mobility week

“European Mobility Week” has been celebrated from the 16th to 22 September. This year motto: “Zero-emission mobility for all”. Participants showcased the continent’s ambitious carbon neutral objectives for 2050 as was stated by the President of the European Commission during the presentation of the European Green Deal.

2,787 cities from all over Europe have registered to this initiative.  They all commit to implement the latest innovations and advances regarding sustainable mobility and face challenges and actions in order to achieve such goals.

During the whole week, cities, companies and authorities shared their measures to reach a carbon-neutral-emissions world. The initiative also tries to underline the importance of zero-emissions transport accessibility and promote an inclusive framework for all those participating in.

Autoparts from Spain also joined this European initiative as a sign of their commitment with sustainable mobility. Companies belonging to the platform carry sustainability in their DNA and invest in the development of technological solutions to make transport more sustainable, cleaner and safer every time.

These are some of the things platform’s companies bring to achieve sustainable mobility:

Fersa Bearings Spanish multinational devoted to design, develop, manufacture and distribute high-quality bearing solutions for the automotive market is now developing more efficient products with lower consumption of energy.

“The evolution of Fersa’s product is a response to our progressive knowledge on the market and, especially, to first equipment needs. We focus on three working lines: improvement of product efficiency, increasing of bearing’s lifespan and the integration of sensors which help measure product’s performance.

On their side, Enganches Aragón,  leading company in the towing systems manufacturing for all kinds of vehicles, is conscious both on the market changes and on the increase of hybrid and electric vehicles. They have already started to commercialize 
point-charging devices (PCD). Those devices are not for towing but they do allow the owner to place a bike rack or a ball luggage rack at the car’s rear.

“At Enganches Aragón, we provide both the product and the technical reporting required to meet with the car technical inspection (called ITV) with all security measures. Only facing the new market needs, we will be able to foresee the future drivers’ needs and the environmental concerns of citizens”

Metalcaucho collaborates in the manufacturing of more sustainable projects with the distribution of the EGR Valves family. This product contributes to the protection of the environment by 
an exhaust gas recirculating system which reduces the nitrogen oxide emissions.

“At Metalcaucho we offer 122 EGR Valves references which are compatible with the most important car brands. Besides, at that product development department, we keep working on providing new efficient and sustainable articles to the market”

Also,  the leading company on rubber solutions for cars also joined the ESG revolution in 2019 by incorporating environmental, social and governance criteria on investment decisions. Those criteria intent, among other aspects, to build a world and a society more aware of environmental care using natural resources more efficiently and responsibly.

Other Autoparts From Spain’s company with a goal of better air quality is Icer Brakes the company started the use of a photovoltaic plant for self-supply in June 2020. It provides 19% of their year consumption and saves 600 tons of C02 emissions every year; it produces a positive impact on air-quality just comparable to what 45,000 new trees would do. 

Another great offer from Spanish automotive component providers to sustainable mobility is brought by Gestamp.“At Gestamp, we work every day to make a more sustainable and safer car which be also lighter and better for the environment”

Developing and producing fuel-efficient vehicles is a growing key trend in the sector. This is where vehicle lightening becomes relevant. “Vehicle weight reduction increases fuel efficiency and reduces CO2 emissions. This makes Gestamp’s chassis and body-car components crucial on reducing emissions to the atmosphere. Also, on the other hand, the fast emergence of the electric vehicle market makes more mandatory, if it were possible, the car lightening: Electric vehicles, because of built-in batteries, are heavier than fuel cars.

To learn more about products and companies belonging to Autoparts From Spain, click this link.

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