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Car Body Manufacturers

The car body is the external layer of the vehicle. It shapes the chassis and platform. Therefore, it is the car body structure which creates the cabin. Besides, it allows vehicles, having the same chassis and platform, to have different specific aesthetics and functionalities.

Currently, the car body is not only used to create the cabin, it is also made to improve the vehicle features and reduce polluting emissions thanks to a higher aerodynamism, lightness or cabin efficiency.

Car body is essential for safety, comfort, consumption, pricing and look. Thanks to it, today we count with sophisticated manufacturing and design processes.


Car-body types


Among the different types of car body, we can highlight as the most common ones today:

Independent chassis body


This type of car body is made of a rigid chassis unto which mechanical parts are incorporated together with the car body structure. In this way, the chassis will hold up the engine, the transmission and also the weight.

The Independent chassis body is one of the oldest ones. Vehicles using this type of frames today are: all terrain, buses, trucks, RVs and glass-fiber car-body vehicles

Self-supporting body


This is the dominant one for turismos today. This car body is formed by several parts joined by resistance welding points. It makes the substitution be easier

It is the sheet which holds up the vehicle structure in this car-body type. The pieces help each other to bring even more rigidity.


Autoparts from Spain Car Body manufacturers


Autoparts from Spain, a platform integrated by a wide number of Spanish companies of automotive component suppliers also counts among its members several car-body manufacturers, specialized in different items of the vehicle body.

Among those Spanish car-body companies, we highlight manufacturers such as Doga, Gestamp, Grupo Cartés, Grupo Cautex, Lizarte, Metalúrgicas Cembranos o Valver




It is a family business with more than 60 years of experience in developing and producing automotive components. With branches in Italy, Poland, United States, Mexico, Brazil, China and India, this automotive component manufacturer exports to more than 70 countries.

As car body manufacturer, Doga stands out in exterior rear-view mirrors, windshields and windshield cleaning equipment. Regarding the interior car body, they also manufacture internal rear-view mirrors, and related items for doors and windows.



Gestamp is a well-known Spanish multinational specialized in designing, developing and manufacturing top-notch engineering metal components for major car manufacturers.

This automotive component manufacturer develops innovative design products to get safer and lighter vehicles every time. These improvements increase energy saving and reduce environmental impact. The company is present in 24 countries with more than 180 industrial plants, 13 I+D centers and a +40,000-employee workforce all over the world.

Their products cover areas such as car body, chassis and mechanisms. As manufacturer, Gestamp works on stamped exterior sheet and window and door closing mechanisms and locks.


Grupo Cartés


Grupo Cartés is an automotive component manufacturer specialized in filtering solutions. The Company distributes some of the major brands in the market and also manufactures their own brands such as Step Filters and Aldair Industrial Filtration.

Among car body manufacturers, Grupo Cartés stands out in the segment of filtering solutions, valves, and heating rings for air conditioning and heating systems


Grupo Cautex


Grupo Cautex is an automotive component manufacturer with more than 60 years of experience and with European reputation thanks to their quality on rubber, rubber metal and plastic molding. Cautex works with a strict quality control, meeting with the quality standards UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 by assigning a label number to all their references which assures a full tracking for all their parts.

As car body manufacturer, Grupo Cautex works with component associated to electric windows for doors and windows.



As car body manufacturer, they are devoted to air conditioning compressor manufacturing. Lizarte is one of the major Spanish companies.

This automotive component in manufacturer, with a 45-year-old trajectory, offers a wide catalog of assistant steering, power steering pumps, air-conditioning compressors, hydro-pneumatic suspension spheres, diesel injection systems, EGR valves and start-up valves. They are re-manufacturing process specialists and hold the highest quality standards (ISO 9001:2018 y TS 16949).


Metalúrgicas Cembranos


With more than 50 years of experience in the sector, this automotive component in manufacturer is specialized in stamping activities, component welding, assembling and 3D laser cut with an offer of products for the automotive market with top service and quality standards.

As car body manufacturer, Metalúrgicas Cembranos is an outstanding company in exterior sheet stamping for the exterior car body.




Last but not least is Valver, a company is specialized in automotive industrial serigraphy, with 30 years of experience in industrial car labeling manufacturing . Their range of products covers items such as decorative parts, safety parts and information parts, soundproof parts, logos, lettering, injection parts, aluminum badges, and so on. We also must consider the patents they have introduced to their production flow. In this sense, putting those technologies together, they place the company as a pioneer in the sector both in Europe and worldwide.

As car body manufacturer, Valver centers its activity on the car-body exterior, manufacturing exterior embellishments, plastic pieces and decorative objects.

Why choosing Spanish car body manufacturers


Car body manufacturers in particular and the Spanish automotive component industry in general play a main role in the automotive sector at global scale.

The Spanish automotive companies and manufacturers are present in more than 170 countries with exports representing more than half of their billing volume.

In such a scenario, the component and equipment sector has a determinant influence on the vehicle value chain with a contribution which goes around 75% of the total.

This Spanish component and equipment industry’s international expansion is due to the high quality and productivity of Spanish automotive suppliers, their highly qualified human factor and their quite notorious I+D investment as well as their intense compromise with environmental sustainability.

At Autoparts from Spain, we support the Spanish component sector and we gather many of those manufacturers in our platform. They are the best representants of the “Made in Spain” branding in automotive component manufacturing.  

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