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March 2021 | Products

All About Body Builders

The bodywork is the outer layer of a vehicle, shaping the chassis and platform. Thus, the bodywork is the structure that allows the creation of the passenger compartment. Additionally, it enables vehicles that share the same chassis and platform to have distinct and specific aesthetics and functionalities.

Currently, the bodywork serves not only to create the passenger compartment but also to improve the vehicle's performance and reduce pollutant emissions through increased aerodynamics, lightweight construction, or efficiency in habitability.

The importance of bodywork for safety, comfort, fuel consumption, cost, and image has led to the development of sophisticated design and manufacturing processes.


Types of Bodywork


Among the different types of bodywork, the most common ones today are:

Body-on-Frame Bodywork

This type of bodywork consists of a rigid frame onto which mechanical components and the body structure are incorporated.

The frame supports the forces from transmission, engine, and weight. Vehicles employing this type of bodywork include off-road vehicles, buses, trucks, vans, and cars with fiberglass bodies.

Unibody Bodywork

This is used in the majority of cars today.

The bodywork is formed by various pieces joined by resistance welding points, making replacement simpler. In this type of bodywork, the sheet metal bears the entire structural load of the vehicle, with the pieces collaborating to provide greater rigidity.


Manufacturers of Bodywork in Autoparts from Spain


Autoparts from Spain, a platform integrating a wide number of Spanish automotive component suppliers, includes several bodywork manufacturers among its members. These companies specialize in different elements that compose a vehicle's bodywork.

Connected to Autoparts from Spain, bodywork manufacturers such as Doga, Gestamp, Grupo Cartés, Grupo Cautex, Lizarte, Metalúrgicas Cembranos, and Valver are some of the prominent Spanish automotive component manufacturers in bodywork fabrication.


Doga, a family-owned company with over 60 years of experience in automotive component development and production, exports to more than 70 countries. As a bodywork manufacturer, Doga specializes in producing exterior rearview mirrors, mirror glasses, and windshield wiper systems for the exterior. For the interior bodywork, it manufactures interior rearview mirrors, as well as window regulators and related components.



Gestamp is a prominent Spanish multinational specializing in the design, development, and manufacturing of high-engineering metal components for leading automobile manufacturers.

This automotive component manufacturer develops products with innovative designs to achieve increasingly safer and lighter vehicles, consequently improving energy consumption and environmental impact. The company operates in 24 countries, with over 100 industrial plants, 13 R&D centers, and a workforce of over 40,000 employees worldwide. In 2020, its revenue reached 7.456 billion euros.

Gestamp's product range spans the areas of bodywork, chassis, and mechanisms. As a bodywork manufacturer, Gestamp works with stamped exterior sheet metal for the exterior bodywork, as well as locks and closure mechanisms for doors and windows.


Lizarte is a prominent Spanish manufacturer of bodywork components, particularly in the production of air conditioning compressors. With over 45 years of experience, Lizarte offers a wide catalog of power steering systems, power steering pumps, air conditioning compressors, hydropneumatic suspension spheres, diesel injection systems, EGR valves, and ignition coils. They specialize in the remanufacturing process and adhere to high-quality standards (ISO 9001:2018 and TS 16949).

Metalúrgicas Cembranos

With over 50 years of experience, Metalúrgicas Cembranos is a manufacturer of automotive components specializing in stamping activities, welding of components, assembly of sets, and 3D laser cutting. As a bodywork manufacturer, Metalúrgicas Cembranos is prominent in stamped exterior sheet metal for exterior bodywork.


Why Choose Spanish Bodywork Manufacturers?


Bodywork manufacturers, especially within the Spanish automotive component industry, play a significant role in the international automotive sector.

Spanish automotive component manufacturers are present in more than 170 countries, with exports accounting for more than half of their turnover.

In this scenario, the equipment and components sector plays a crucial role in the vehicle value chain, contributing around 75% of the total.

The international expansion of the Spanish automotive equipment and components industry is attributed to the high productivity and quality of Spanish automotive suppliers, the high qualification of their human capital, substantial investment in R&D, and a strong commitment to environmental sustainability.

At Autoparts from Spain, we support the Spanish components sector and include many of these manufacturers in our platform, representing the 'Marca España' (Spanish Brand) in automotive component manufacturing.

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