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Juin 2021 | Entreprises

Fabricants d'éclairage intérieur automobile

Without a doubt, having the proper visibility while having the hands on the wheel is essential, not only exterior visibility but also in the inside. An unproper viewing in the car interior can create a lack of information and distractions while driving with its undesirable consequences.

Being aware of such determinant factor, automotive interior lighting manufacturers carry out a serious I+D investment in order to get the highest quality to ensure both safety and comfort elements.

Also, the before-mentioned efforts made by the automotive interior lighting manufacturers on research, development and innovation are led to develop smart lighting systems which offer new functionalities that go ensemble with advance electronics such as adaptive light or matrix light.

Además, los fabricantes de iluminación interior automoción también se están consolidando como proveedores de componentes de automoción destacados en materia de iluminación ambiente, con desarrollos tecnológicos que llevan por ejemplo a los sistemas de iluminación dinámica.

Furthermore, the automotive interior lighting manufacturers are as well consolidating as automotive component suppliers in the ambient lighting department with technological developments which are used in dynamic lighting systems to name some.

Grupo Antolin Is one of the automotive component manufacturers -belonging to the platform Autoparts from Spain- which is among the main interior manufacturers for cars worldwide.

The company offers high added-value products to dress the vehicle interior in four main areas: roof, doors, lighting and instrument panels.

Its long-lasting industrial tradition, wide knowledge and its support to innovation and quality have made it a key partner for automotive manufacturers through developing more technologic, comfortable and sustainable vehicles.

As automotive interior lighting manufacturer, Grupo Antolin develops a wide range of solutions. For instance, the company optimize their roof consoles by incorporating -besides light sources - several extra functions such as conversation mirror, microphone, diverse types of sensors or cameras and even the integration of panoramic roof with gesture blind.

Another example worth to mention regarding ambient lighting, the company has develop relevant innovative proposals with dynamic and functional light which turn the interior vehicle lighting into a communication item between passengers and the world outside.

 Why choosing Spanish automotive interior lighting manufacturers?


Automotive interior lighting manufacturers in particular and the Spanish industry of automotive components in general play an outstanding role in the automotive sector at international scale.

Spanish automotive component manufacturers are present in more than 170 countries in the five continents with exports representing more than half of their billing.

In this scenario, the Spanish component and equipment sector has a preponderant influence in the vehicle’s value chain with a contribution of 75% of its total.

The international expansion of the Spanish industry of equipment and components comes thanks to the high quality and productivity of automotive Spanish suppliers, their high-qualified human asset, the extraordinarily relevant I+D investment and their intense commitment with environmental sustainability.

Quality is one of the identity signals of the Spanish components industry supported by the highest quality standards in every and each of the vehicle manufacturing stages from design to assembling.

In order to reach top performances, the component manufacturers invest seriously both in bringing up new products and obtaining more efficient manufacturing processes which are quality and sustainability oriented.

With all this, the Spanish industry of automotive component and equipment brings an added value resulting of the ongoing improvement carried out on the product, process and service.

At Autoparts from Spain, we support the Spanish component sector and gather many of those manufacturers in our platform which best represents the Spanish Branding -Marca España- in automotive component manufacturing.


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