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June 2021 | Companies

Automotive interior lighting manufacturers

Undoubtedly, having proper visibility while driving is essential, not only external visibility but also internal visibility, as inadequate visibility inside the vehicle can lead to a lack of information or distractions while driving, with potential consequences.

Aware of the critical role of this factor, manufacturers of automotive interior lighting invest significantly in R&D and innovation to ensure the highest quality in these automotive components. This not only enhances safety but also contributes to factors like comfort.

Furthermore, the efforts made by these manufacturers of automotive interior lighting in research, development, and innovation are focused on creating intelligent lighting systems that offer new functionalities, driven by advanced electronics. Examples include adaptive lighting and matrix lighting, which allow customization of the lighting level according to the passengers' needs at any given moment.

In addition, manufacturers of automotive interior lighting are also becoming prominent suppliers of automotive components in the field of ambient lighting, with technological advancements leading to dynamic lighting systems, among other innovations.

Grupo Antolin is one of the automotive component manufacturers belonging to the Autoparts from Spain platform, positioning itself among the world's top manufacturers of automotive interiors.

The company provides high-value-added products for the vehicle's interior in four main areas: ceilings, doors, lighting, and instrument panels.

Their extensive industrial tradition, extensive knowledge, and commitment to innovation and quality have made them a key partner for automobile manufacturers in the development of more technological, comfortable, and sustainable vehicles.

As a manufacturer of automotive interior lighting, Grupo Antolin offers a wide range of solutions. For instance, the company optimizes their roof consoles by incorporating not only lighting sources but also additional functions such as conversation mirrors, microphones, various types of sensors, cameras, and even integrates the operation of panoramic roofs through gesture control.

Another example in terms of ambient lighting, the company has developed innovative proposals with functional and dynamic lighting, turning the interior lighting of the vehicle into a means of communication between passengers and the outside world.


Why choose Spanish manufacturers of automotive interior lighting?


Manufacturers of automotive interior lighting, in particular, and the Spanish automotive component industry in general, play a significant role in the global automotive sector.

Spanish manufacturers of automotive components are present in more than 170 countries across the five continents, with exports accounting for more than half of their turnover.

In this context, the Spanish equipment and component sector has a decisive role in the vehicle value chain, contributing around 75% of the total value.

The international expansion of the Spanish equipment and component industry is due to the high productivity and quality of Spanish automotive suppliers, the high qualification of their workforce, significant investments in R+D and innovation, as well as a strong commitment to environmental sustainability.

Quality is one of the main hallmarks of the Spanish component industry, ensuring high-quality standards in every phase of vehicle construction, from design to manufacturing.

To achieve excellent performance, component manufacturers make significant investments in both the development of new products and the implementation of more efficient manufacturing processes, always focused on quality and sustainability.

All these factors make the Spanish equipment and component industry a high-value-added sector, thanks to their continuous improvement in product, process, and service.

At Autoparts from Spain, we support the Spanish component sector and encompass many of these manufacturers in our platform, representing the best of 'Made in Spain' in automotive component manufacturing.

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