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Novembre 2019 | Entreprises

The future of automotive sector What technological solutions do Spanish suppliers suggest for the new mobility?

With the environmental challenge at the forefront, the automotive industry is constantly searching for alternatives that are greener and more sustainable for the vehicles of the future.

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October 2019 | Entreprises

AMC, Talosa and Talleres ORAN join Autoparts from Spain

AMC, Talosa and Talleres ORAN, Spanish automotive suppliers have joined Autoparts from Spain to boost their companies’ internationalitation.

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October 2019 | Plate-forme

Investment in R&D&I, key to the internationalisation of the Spanish components sector

The strong bet of the Spanish automotive components sector in R&D&I means a key factor for the sector’s boosting during last years.

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Septembre 2019 | Salons

Autoparts from Spain sera présente à Equip Auto 2019, le rendez-vous de référence du marché de l'après-vente automobile en Europe

AUTOPARTS FROM SPAIN’ will take part of  Equip Auto 2019 , the second most important European fair of Aftermarket area.

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