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October 2019 | Companies

AMC, Talosa and Talleres Orán are new additions to Autoparts from Spain

Autoparts from Spain, the platform led by SERNAUTO with the support of ICEX Spain Export and Investments, celebrates the integration of three prominent Spanish companies in the automotive industry: AMC, Talosa, and Talleres Orán. This strategic move strengthens the initiative's position in promoting the internationalization of Spanish automotive suppliers.


Innovation and Commitment to Quality: Hallmarks of the New Additions


The recent additions to Autoparts from Spain, AMC, Talosa, and Talleres Orán, are top-tier component manufacturers committed to innovation and technological advancements. Their decision to join the platform underscores their interest in enhancing international visibility, leveraging the network and synergies that Autoparts from Spain offers to stand out in strategic markets.


AMC: 60 Years of Pursuing Maximum Quality


José Enguídanos, Export Area Manager of AMC, emphasizes that being part of Autoparts from Spain grants the company "a presentation full of virtues." He highlights the ongoing pursuit of maximum quality, a characteristic that has defined AMC's six-decade-long history. Enguídanos underscores that this initiative contributes to "breaking barriers," increasing visibility in foreign markets, and enhancing the international competitiveness of Spanish manufacturers.

Talosa: Opportunity to Increase International Visibility


From Talosa, a manufacturer and distributor of steering, suspension, and rubber-metal components, they express that being part of Autoparts from Spain is a magnificent opportunity to increase international visibility. They emphasize the importance of promoting the value of choosing 'made in Spain' components in the automotive industry. They trust that, hand in hand with Autoparts from Spain, they will consolidate their presence abroad and strengthen their position in the markets where they are already present.

Talleres Orán: Contributing to Boosting the Spanish Component Sector


Pedro Burgada Ruiz, Deputy Director at Talleres Orán, considers Autoparts from Spain as a crucial support to expand their reach in the international market and contribute to boosting the global Spanish component sector. He highlights the initiative as an opportunity to generate synergies and complementary work among various actors, resulting in joint solutions of high added value.

A Year of Success for Autoparts from Spain


In its first year of existence, Autoparts from Spain has achieved significant progress. The initiative has promoted the participation of affiliated companies in actions aimed at increasing the visibility of the Spanish brand, focusing especially on priority markets such as Germany and France. The platform, available in Spanish, English, and French, stands out for its digital approach that facilitates the search and segmentation of suppliers by Autonomous Communities.


Driving 'Made in Spain' Excellence Globally


The union of AMC, Talosa, and Talleres Orán with Autoparts from Spain reflects the shared commitment to highlighting the excellence of Spanish component manufacturers internationally. This collaboration promises to strengthen the presence of these companies in key markets, consolidating Autoparts from Spain's position as a reference in promoting the Spanish automotive industry worldwide.

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