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October 2019 | Companies

AMC, Talosa and Talleres ORAN join Autoparts from Spain

AMC, Talosa and Talleres ORAN, Spanish automotive suppliers have joined Autoparts from Spain to boost their companies’ internationalitation.

Following this goal, these companies reinforce their bet for the foreign trade with the support of the work of Autoparts from Spain focused on making wider the visibility of the Spanish companies at  foreign markets and reforcing their notoriety regarding quality, innovation, technology and experience.

Because of this, AMC, Talosa and Talleres ORAN have decided to start this kind of partnership with us with the purpose of taking advantage of the synergies offered by Autoparts from Spain, focused on opening new oportunities at startegic markets for the Spanish components sector.

In this regard, José Enguídanos, Export Area Manager of AMC, Spanish components company expert in engine, states: “Belonging to Autoparts from Spain gives us a perfect introduction card.” According to Enguídanos, the platform will guarantee something relevant during the history of AMC, “the permanent search of top quality”, a quality that means a distinguishing mark of a sector that thanks to initiatives like this one “is breaking down barriers” increasing its notoriety level at foreign markets and the competitiviness of the Spanish suppliers at an international level.

On its behalf, from Talosa, company expert in steering, suspension and rubber-metal automotive components, states: “The fact that belonging to Autoparts from Spain means a great oportunity both to incease our notority abroad, both to boost the value to bet for components ‘made in Spain’ at automotive industry.” Talosa also hisghlight: “We are sure that with Autoparts from Spain we will strengthen our presence in foreign markets and we will reinforce our set up in the markets where we are already present.”

Regarding Pedro Burgada Ruiz, Deputy Director of Talleres ORAN, thinks that Autoparts from Spain is an important support to increase the company’s reach in international markets, and with this, to contribute to the boosting of Spanish components sector at an intenarnational level. As well, Burgada highlightes the fact that they are sure that “the initiative will encourage synergies and complementary work among several players, leading to joint solutions with very high added value."

One year boosting components ‘made in Spain’

This month, we celebrate our first aniversary, and the balance is positive. From October of 2018, we have promoted the participation of our companies in activities focused on increasing the visibility of ‘Marca España’ and on increasing their notoriety and trading impact at an international level, above all, in Germany and France, two of the most important markets por Spanish components sector.

And now, we will keep on working for the next year!





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