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January 2023 | Platform

Autoparts from Spain figures 2022

2023 has started and it is a great moment to look back and assess last years’ achievements, fulfilled challenges and goals, the increasing online presence and in overall the initiative’s evolution.

Specifically, in 2023, the platform Autoparts From Spain celebrated its fourth year. It was released in 2018 during the IZB fair as a part of an ambitious project to promote internationally the exporting capacity of ‘made-in-Spain' automotive components and equipment.

By 2022, 29 companies already belonged to the initiative. Furthermore, international media presence has increased. Among several publications: Automobilwoche, the only B2B newspaper in Germany devoted to the automotive industry; Le Journal de l’Automobile (France) -a reference for automotive professionals- also joined; and AM TODAY, specialized in the automotive accessories market. Finally, the independent, a specialized magazine on everything related to tyres, wheels and retread.

In 2022, Autoparts From Spain’s differential profile on main social media outlets such as Twitter and LinkedIn has also highlighted. Multilingual content is shared on them. Such presence increasement on social media also occurred thanks to interactions with the community, our target audience, with which we discuss inquiries and interests about the sector. The following are some of our media presence data.

  • + 2,900 LinkedIn and Twitter followers
  • + 23,400 Twitter lookups
  • + 6,578 LinkedIn and Twitter reactions

We shouldn’t overlook these other very favorable figures on our website:

  •  +41,850 webpage lookups
  • +16,704 web sessions
  • +1,584 catalogue downloads
  • + 100 contacts via web

With these figures, we have reached our goal to create awareness of Spanish suppliers for automotive components and equipment. Therefore, at Autoparts From Spain, our 2022 assessment is largely positive, this motivates us to keep on going with our strategy to make the Spanish companies of automotive suppliers and components visible all around the world.

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