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March 2020 | Companies

FARE and FRENKIT join our platform

The companies FARE  and FRENKIT have joined our platform with the conviction that belonging to Autoparts from Spain will push up the international promotion of their production

Therefore, both FARE and FRENKIT join to take advantage of Autoparts from Spain´s synergies, which help to ease the access of these companies, with higher visibility, to strategic markets at global scale.

Autoparts from Spain is a digital platform released by SERNAUTO (Spanish Association of Automotive Providers) as a joint effort with ICEX España Exportación e Inversiones, having a clear commercial vision. In this sense, Autoparts from Spain works on setting up marketing and communication campaigns in countries of special interest for the automotive-component manufacturing sector. It intends to increase Spanish companies’ visibility and enforce their positioning regarding quality, innovation, technology and experience.

‘Autoparts from Spain’ was born at the end of 2018 as a project belonging to the yearly SERNAUTO’s international promotion plan. This plan intends to promote the Components Made in Spain’s branding in priority countries, consolidate presence in traditional markets and empower the Spanish companies’ penetration in emerging markets.

FARE, rubber and rubber-metal spare-parts manufacturing experts

FARE is a company devoted to sell and distribute rubber and metal-rubber spare parts for cars, currently in the middle of an expansion process. They rely on Autoparts to create awareness, using new technologies, on their products among foreign companies and reach as much potential clients as possible. “This is a matter that would cost a fortune if we made it in-company “, states Miguel Menendez Export Director of the company. He goes on “Autoparts allows us to position in countries with high competitiveness and hard access. In the same way, the platform allows us to contribute to increase worth on the “Marca España” concept with quality, service, development and innovation.

FRENKIT, brake repair experts

Regarding FRENKIT, company devoted to develop, design, manufacture and distribute of break caliper-repair kits considers the joined effort with Autoparts from Spain will allow them “not only to consolidate our presence in the 55 countries in which we are already active but also extend our action radio in strategic emerging markets where we haven’t been able to break into” states Andrés Sendagorta, Co-CEO in FRENKIT S.L.

Currently, the automotive components and equipment industry in Spain is a world leader due to its innovation, technology, experience and quality. It offers a wide range of advanced products in technology with high standards of security and quality with competitive prices. That is why its companies have become strategic providers for clients all over the world. Present in more than 170 countries (55% of billing comes from exports), the industry invests more than €1,500 million in R&D&I. which represents 4% of the its total billing.

Autoparts from Spain contributes to create awareness worldwide on the value of the Spanish component and equipment industry.

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