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March 2020 | Companies

FRENKIT joins Autopart From Spain

The company FRENKIT has joined Autoparts from Spain to take advantage of the synergies that will facilitate the company's access to strategic global markets, providing it with greater visibility.

Autoparts from Spain is a digital platform launched by SERNAUTO (Spanish Association of Automotive Suppliers) in collaboration with ICEX Spain Export and Investments, with a clear commercial vision. In this regard, Autoparts from Spain works on creating marketing and communication campaigns in countries of special interest to the automotive component manufacturing sector. Its goal is to increase the visibility of Spanish companies and strengthen their positioning in terms of quality, innovation, technology, and experience.

"Autoparts from Spain" emerged at the end of 2018 as part of SERNAUTO's annual international promotion plan. This plan aims to promote the "Components Made in Spain" brand in priority countries, consolidate presence in traditional markets, and enhance the penetration of Spanish companies in emerging markets.

FRENKIT, experts in brake repair


Regarding FRENKIT, a company dedicated to the development, design, manufacturing, and distribution of brake caliper repair kits, considers that the joint effort with Autoparts from Spain will allow them to "consolidate not only our presence in the 55 countries where we are already active but also expand our reach into strategic emerging markets where we have not been able to enter yet," as stated by Andrés Sendagorta, Co-CEO at FRENKIT S.L.

Currently, the automotive components and equipment industry in Spain is a global leader due to its innovation, technology, experience, and quality. It offers a wide range of technologically advanced products with high standards of safety and quality at competitive prices. That is why its companies have become strategic providers for clients worldwide. Present in more than 170 countries (55% of the revenue comes from exports), the industry invests more than €1,500 million in R&D&I, representing 4% of its total revenue.

Autoparts from Spain contributes to creating awareness worldwide about the value of the Spanish component and equipment industry.

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