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November 2020 | Platform

How does the Spanish Automotive Suppliers sector contribute to sustainability?

The automotive industry plays a strategic role in the economy of many countries. Specifically, in Spain, it represents 10% of the Gross Domestic Product and has a significant multiplier effect, from the design and manufacturing of parts and vehicle assembly to their marketing and repair, with important synergies with other sectors. The more than 1,000 automotive component companies in the country provide quality employment to over 365,000 people and significantly contribute to the social well-being and economic development of multiple regions. That's why their contribution to environmental protection is crucial for achieving a more sustainable world.

Climate change is a global problem that requires the support of all sectors to find a solution. The Spanish automotive industry is strongly committed to decarbonization, providing technological solutions to make transportation increasingly efficient and sustainable.

Since 1995, CO2 emissions have been reduced by 36%, and nitrogen oxide emissions by 90%, resulting in cleaner, lighter, and more efficient vehicles today. However, the transport sector still represents 24% of the greenhouse gas emissions in the European Union, so there is still much progress to be made towards achieving efficient and sustainable mobility.


How do Spanish automotive suppliers address the main challenges on the path to sustainable mobility?


Through innovation and collaborative work. Spanish automotive suppliers invest more than 4% of their turnover in R&D, which is triple the industrial average. Their advancements in efficiency, aerodynamics, vehicle weight, and connected and automated driving are yielding significant results:

  • New mobility options emerge, allowing users to choose the best one for each situation.
  • More inclusive, safe, and efficient mobility is facilitated.
  • Real-time data generation improves user comfort and experience, also enhancing road safety.
  • The development of alternative energy vehicles achieves higher fuel efficiency, reduces emissions, and contributes to maintaining better air quality.

Undoubtedly, the sector's commitment to society has been demonstrated by the response of thousands of automotive companies during the health crisis caused by COVID-19. This situation has highlighted the strengths of an industry that embodies the spirit of "responsible business" in its DNA. You can see some of the actions against COVID-19 by companies part of the Autoparts from Spain platform here.

Innovation and excellence, new mobility, autonomous driving, connectivity, and electrification are the goals that the automotive supplier industry keeps in mind when developing and producing vehicle components. All of this has resulted in a more efficient, innovative industry focused on the quality of its products, engaging and integrating locally where it operates, and generating quality employment.

You can watch a video on the sector's commitment to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development produced by Sernauto, with the support of Icex Spain Export and Investments.

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