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November 2020 | Platform

How does the Spanish automotive suppliers sector contribute to sustainability?

Automotion plays a strategic role in many countries’ economy. In Spain, concretely, it represents a 10% of GDP and has a highly interconnected effect: from parts´ manufacturing, design and vehicle assembly to marketing and repairs. All this creates important synergies with other sectors. 1000+ automotive component companies in the country employ 365.000+ people with quality jobs, also contributing notably to social welfare and economic development in several regions. That is why doing their part is relevant for the environmental protection to achieve a more sustainable world.

Climate change is global issue that demands support from all sectors to find a solution. The Spanish automotive industry is strongly heading to decarbonization by bringing technological solutions so transportation can be every time more efficient and sustainable

Since 1995 CO2 emissions have dropped a 36% and nitrogen oxide ones a 90%. Today, because of that, we can enjoy a cleaner, lighter and efficient vehicle. However, the transportation sector today still represents a 24% of emissions of green house gases in the EU. Much is yet to be done in the way of achieving a more sustainable and efficient mobility.

How do Spanish automotive suppliers handle the main challenges to sustainable mobility?

With innovation and collaborative work. Spanish automotive suppliers invest 4% or their billing in I+D, three times the industry´s average. In this sense, advances in efficiency, aerodynamics, vehicle weight and automated/connected driving are showing great results.

  • New mobility options are available so the user can choose what’s best in every situation
  • A more inclusive, safe on efficient mobility is granted
  • Real-time data generation allows improving comfort and user´s experience besides increasing driving safety
  • Alternative energy vehicle development brings a better fuel efficiency, reduces fuel emissions and helps to achieve a better air quality

Anyway, there is no doubt that the best display of the sector´s commitment with the community has been reflected with the response from thousands of Spanish automotive companies during the Covid19 health crisis. This situation highlighted their strengths as an industry carrying a “responsible business” spirit in their DNA. You can read here some actions performed by companies, belonging to the Autoparts from Spain platform, to face Covid19.

Innovation and excellence, new mobility, autonomous driving, connectivity and electrification are the goals in sight for the automotive suppliers industry when producing and developing car components. This has created a more efficient, more innovative, product-quality centered, community-integrating and quality-jobs providing industry: 

You can see here a video about the sector´s commitment to the 2030 agenda for a sustainable development carried out by Sernauto, with support of Icex España Exportación e Inversiones

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