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March 2020 | Companies

AFS companies join the fight against COVID 19

Many companies in the automotive industry have shifted their production chains in recent weeks and adapted their resources and expertise to manufacture sanitary materials, respirators, protective clothing, and other resources to support healthcare professionals in the battle against COVID-19.

Within the Autoparts from Spain platform, companies such as Grupo Antolín, Gestamp, Lizarte, Filtros Cartés, Metalcaucho, Valver, Olipes, Lizarte, Autofren, and Doga, among others, have also joined the fight and changed the production of automotive components to the manufacturing of sanitary gowns, disinfectant gels, respirators, masks, etc.


Grupo Antolín, producing 4,000 gowns per day for healthcare professionals


Grupo Antolin, one of the world's leading manufacturers of car interiors, is once again committed to the unity of its workforce and to solidarity. The company has launched a series of initiatives for the manufacture of medical equipment to meet the needs of Spanish hospitals.

From one of its factories in Spain, it has started the production of protective gowns for healthcare personnel. In total, around 50 volunteer employees will manufacture around 4,000 gowns per day using as a material coatings used in the production of ceilings. In addition, the production of protective screens using 3D printers takes place at its headquarters in collaboration with the University of Burgos, which already has around 260 members with more than 350 3D printers. The manufactured materials are destined for the main hospitals in the region.


Gestamp, shipping sanitary material from China to Spain


Gestamp, the Spanish multinational specialising in the design, development and manufacture of highly engineered metal components for leading car manufacturers, with headquarters in 21 countries, stands out for the production of parts with an innovative design to achieve increasingly safer and lighter vehicles. It is now demonstrating this more than ever by launching a call for innovation open to all its employees for solidarity initiatives that contribute to the fight against COVID-19. 

It highlights the use of 3D printers that the company has in different parts of the country, such as the plants in Guipúzcoa, Navarra and Santander, focused on printing material to meet the needs of hospitals in the country. In addition to the manufacture of protective face shields, Gestamp has purchased healthcare material and is already preparing a shipment of 17 tonnes that arrived on 19 April from China to Spain, a long-awaited material that includes 100,000 surgical masks, 100,000 FPP2 masks and 50,000 nitrile gloves.


Lizarte and Autofren participating in the "contactless" initiative


Lizarte, a leading manufacturer of car spare parts, states that despite the current situation resulting from the coronavirus, they continue to work normally and are fully operational. For its part, Autofren Seinsa, a company dedicated to the manufacture of technical rubber parts for car brake parts, is also maintaining its supply, manufacturing, service and customer service stable, with sufficient capacity to maintain its activity during this period.

Both companies have joined the fight against COVID19 by participating in the "contactless" 3D printing initiative. This project consists of the manufacture of portable structures that are intended to prevent the customer's hands from coming into contact with commonly used items such as keyboards, wristbands or buttons...


Olipes, maintaining supply chains for the automotive industry


Olipes, specialised in the development and production of lubricants, oils, greases, additives, coolants and products for car maintenance, with 25 years of experience in the sector, wanted to send a message of reassurance to its customers. Olipes' commitment is, within the current situation caused by COVID-19, to continue supplying the needs, maintaining its production capacity, adjusted at all times to the demand of customers and distributors around the world, guaranteeing the supply of its lubricants during the State of Alarm.

"At Olipes, now more than ever, we will do everything possible to guarantee the quality of our service, always respecting the indications of the Health Authorities, the WHO, the Spanish Government and the Autonomous and Local Administrations, so that the strategic sectors in the management of this pandemic continue to operate".


Metalcaucho reinforcing commitment to customers


The company Metalcaucho has been active in the field of rubber and metal spare parts and accessories for automobiles for more than 30 years. They are both designers of their parts and manufacturers of the serial product, which stands out for its high quality standards. 

Metalcaucho's commitment to the customer has led them to take the decision to maintain the usual levels of service while ensuring the safety of their team of professionals. Due to its presence in 65 countries, its work can continue to be carried out during the Alarm Season, always with professionalism and social responsibility, establishing a strict protocol of preventive measures for all personnel who come to its facilities to carry out their work, facilitating teleworking, remote meetings with the different departments, the opening of 100% of the factories and having sufficient stock to guarantee the service.


Doga, manufacturing respirators from windshield wiper motors


Doga, is a family company founded in 1958 in Barcelona (Spain) with more than 60 years of experience in the development and production of automotive components. With subsidiaries in Italy, Poland, USA, Mexico, Brazil, China and India, Doga exports its products to more than 70 countries and is present in multiple markets such as passenger cars, commercial vehicles, buses, trains...

Due to the crisis caused by the Coronavirus, Doga wanted to collaborate with the community by offering parts such as electric motors which, thanks to an initiative of the SEAT manufacturer, have become respirators for those affected by the virus. The initiative is to manufacture respirators from windscreen wiper motors.

In these times of uncertainty, many car companies have joined forces to fight against the health crisis we are experiencing and thus manage to defeat the virus, always acting responsibly and professionally.


PROQUISUR producing a new product for sanitizing spaces


Proquisur, founded in 1985, specializes in manufacturing a wide range of products for engine maintenance, from lubricants to combustion additives and technical aerosol products.

In response to COVID-19, they have developed a product for sanitizing surfaces and spaces. They have collaborated with law enforcement agencies to supply them with this new product for disinfecting areas and surfaces, ensuring greater safety for citizens.

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