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March 2020 | Companies

AFS companies join the fight against COVID 19

Plenty of companies in the automotive industry have been changing their production chain in last weeks adapting their resources and expertise to undertake the manufacturing of medical protection equipment, respirators, protective clothing and other required resources to allow health professionals to keep on going with the COVID-19 fight.

Within the Autoparts from Spain platform, companies such as Grupo Antolín, Gestamp, Lizarte, Filtros Cartés, Metalcaucho, Valver, Olipes, Lizarte, Autofren, Doga among others have also plugged into this task in hand by manufacturing health gowns, disinfectant gel, respirators, masks…

Grupo Antolín manufactures 4000 health gowns day for health professionals 

Grupo Antolin, one of the leading car interior manufacturers in the world, engages their workforce once again for unity and solidarity. The company has taken up diverse initiatives to manufacture health equipment to supply needs of Spanish hospitals.

At one of their factories in Spain, surgical gowns production has started. About 50 volunteering employees will manufacture 4000 gowns every day using roof lining as raw material. They are also into the production protecting screens by 3-D printers at its headquarters, in a joint effort with University of Burgos, There are already gathered more than 260 members and 350 3-D printers.

The resulting products will be supplied to the main hospitals in the region.

Gestamp prepared a shipment of medical material from China to Spain

Gestamp, with presence in 21 countries, is a Spanish multinational and a specialized high-tech manufacturer, designer and developer of metal components for leading car manufacturers. The company proves its potential once again, now inviting its staff to undertake giving initiatives to contribute in the fight against COVID-19.

Company’s 3D printers, at Guipúzcoa, Navarra and Santander plants, have this relevant role to print material which may supply the hospital needs in the country. Face screens manufacturing is also carried out. Gestamp has purchased healthcare material and is already preparing a 17-ton shipment that arrived on April 19th from China to Spain, a much awaited material that includes 100,000 surgical masks, 100,000 FPP2 masks and 50,000 nitrile gloves.

Lizarte y Autofren join the “contactless” initiative

Lizarte, leading company in car spare parts manufacturing, states that despite of the current situation, they are working with normality and fully operational. Autofren -a company devoted to manufacture rubber-made technical parts for car brake parts- as well expresses that stock, manufacturing and client service and support are stable and sufficient to carry on with their activity during this period.

Both companies have joined the fight against COVID-19 with the tri-dimensional-printing initiative called “contactless”. This project consists on the building of portable structures aimed to save consumer´s hands from having contact with daily use items such as keyboards, cards or buttons.

Olipes, keep the chain on by still supplying clients 

The specialist manufacturer and developer of lubricant, oil, additives, refrigerant, grease and car maintenance products, with 25 years of experience in the business, has sent a message of calm to their clients. Olipes commits, during the COVID-19 current crisis, to keep their supply system enabled in full productive capacities and tailored to whatever a client or distributor around the world may need. This ensures the supply of lubricants during the state of alarm.

“At Olipes, more than ever, we will do all we can to ensure our service quality, always meeting with regulations of health authorities, WHO, Spanish government and local and autonomic administrations so the strategic sectors to manage this pandemic keep on going”.

Grupo Cartes works in adapting hospital rooms with efficient filtering systems

Grupo Cartés is one of the main specialists in filtering solutions, with more than 50 years of experience and well known for its lasting relationships with their clients. Passion, excellence, closeness and integrity are values which allow the company to be generous at this moment and use its available resources to build up, from standard hospital rooms, 13 negative pressure rooms for COVID-19 patients’ isolation in several Spanish hospitals.
The company works along with hospitals to improve the filtering systems and be able to transform rooms speedily so they can be distributed as soon as possible to the medical, food and pharmaceutical sectors.

Metalcaucho strengthens its commitment with its clients

Metalcaucho is a company devoted, from more than 30 years already, to the metal and rubber car accessories and parts. They are both designers of their own models and serial producers with outstanding quality standards.

At Metalcaucho, the company is committed with its clients, therefore a decision to proceed with ongoing operations was made while watching for staff’s safety as well. With presence in 65 countries, tasks can be carried out professionally and responsibly during the state of alarm, following strict preventive measures. Protocols for preventive measures are set up to those coming to work at the facilities and, on the other hand, home office and online meetings among departments are also encouraged. Factories are 100% open and stock is fully available to ensure service.

Valver, immersed into health personnel’s protection screens manufacturing
Founded in 1986 as an industrial label manufacturer for cars, it is currently the only company offering such technologies as a whole in Spain, also ranking fourth in Europe and the 20th worldwide.

The serigraphy experts join the fight against coronavirus with protective screen manufacturing, a project which requires the handling of both productive and economic resources to produce high quantities in a cost-efficient way. 3750 have been already provided to hospital and retirement homes.

Doga, together with SEAT, turning windshield cleaner motors into respirators

Doga is a family business opened in 1958 in Barcelona (Spain). The company treasures 60 years of experience in production and development of automotive components. With subsidiaries in Italy, Poland, USA, Mexico, Brazil, China and India, Doga exports products to more than 70 countries and is present in multiple markets such as cars, industrial vehicles, buses, trains and so on.

Due to coronavirus crisis, Doga is willingly contributing to society by offering electric engines that, thanks to a joint effort with an initiative at SEAT, have been turned into respirators to help patients affected by the virus. The plan is turning windshield cleaner motors into respirators.

During these times of uncertainty, many automotive companies have gathered to face this health crisis and overcome the virus with responsibility and professionalism always in mind.

PROQUISUR manufactures a new product to sanitize cabins and surfaces

Proquisur, a Spanish company founded in 1985, is specialized in manufacturing a wide range of motor-maintenance products including lubricants, combustion additives and aerosol-type tech products

Their fight against COVID-19 has brought to light a new product to sanitize cabins and surfaces. Besides, the company has been providing Law Enforcement with this new product so they can apply it where they consider it can improve people´s safety

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