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August 2021 | Companies

Internationalization of automotive component manufacturers

The internationalization of Spanish automotive component manufacturers is a reality. The commitment from abroad to work with Spanish companies in the automotive component manufacturing sector is evident in the export data of these manufacturers over the past decade. This trend continued until the economic impact of the public health emergency. However, the export figures for Spanish manufacturers have shown signs of recovery in the first four months of 2021.

So, what is the reason for other countries to choose Spanish automotive component manufacturers? The strong focus of the Spanish automotive component sector on research, development, and innovation (R+D+I) has been a decisive factor in boosting exports in recent decades, leading to the internationalization of Spanish automotive component manufacturers.

With an investment of over 1.5 billion euros, the Spanish automotive component industry is a leader in R+D+I in Spain, both at the national and international levels. This level of investment triples the average for the industrial sector in Spain.

Spanish suppliers have made a significant commitment to research, development, and innovation, recognizing the dynamic nature of the sector and the need to create new products that meet the increasingly demanding requirements of vehicle manufacturers.

Autoparts from Spain encompasses around thirty of these Spanish automotive component manufacturers. Their investment in R&D+i, along with other factors such as high levels of productivity and efficiency, and the strong qualifications of their professionals, has propelled these companies into the internationalization process of automotive component manufacturers. This industry is present in over 170 countries on all five continents and, until 2019, exported more than 55% of its revenue.

In this context, Spanish component suppliers, as a whole, play a fundamental role in the vehicle's value chain, contributing to around 75% of the total value. Consequently, this is one of the most export-oriented sectors, with up to 82% of the production being exported, taking into account the components included in the exported vehicles.


Quality-focused R+D+I as a Key to the Success of the Internationalization of Automotive Component Manufacturers


Quality is one of the main distinguishing features of the Spanish automotive component industry and one of the key factors that has led to the success of its internationalization. Spanish manufacturers apply high-quality standards throughout all phases, from design to the manufacturing and distribution of parts.

A significant portion of the investment in R&D+i is allocated to ensuring maximum quality, not only in the products themselves but also in the processes, which are becoming increasingly optimized and efficient.

As a result, the Spanish automotive equipment and component industry offers high added value through continuous improvements in products, processes, and services.

Autoparts from Spain is a platform that brings together Spanish automotive suppliers to showcase their work in R&D+i and promote the internationalization of Spanish automotive component manufacturers and their exports overseas.

In Spain, there are large national and international groups, medium-sized companies, and specialized SMEs in the production of automotive equipment and components. They have successfully established themselves both nationally and internationally and are present in major markets.

Moreover, Spanish component manufacturers have strategically positioned themselves geographically near vehicle production plants, providing rapid and tailored services to meet the needs of these manufacturers.

Large multinational companies in the automotive equipment and component sector have also established themselves in Spain, attracted by the large number of automobile production plants and the favorable conditions offered by the country.

All of this has contributed to a strong industry that offers a wide range of advanced technology products with high safety and quality standards, all at competitive prices. Therefore, their companies have become strategic suppliers to clients worldwide, confirming the success of the internationalization process of Spanish automotive component manufacturers.


A Brief History of the Internationalization of Spanish Automotive Component Manufacturers


The Spanish automotive industry dates back to the early 20th century, with leading brands of the time such as Hispano-Suiza. In the 1950s, with the emergence of SEAT, a robust automotive manufacturing and component supplier industry began to develop.

In the following years, Spain began the process of internationalizing automotive component manufacturers, becoming the preferred location for major foreign manufacturers to set up their vehicle and component production plants.

Since then, Spain has experienced significant economic and industrial growth that has had a very positive impact on the automotive industry, making it one of the reference countries in the sector at the international level.

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