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December 2022 | Companies

Manufacturers of automotive chemical products in Spain

Manufacturers of chemical products for automotion play an important role in the car efficiency and safety. They develop reliable solutions with high-quality to get the best engine performance while providing the best protection in extreme conditions both on and off the road.

Manufacturers of chemical products for automotion offer a wide range of liquids and powders to assure the best treatment for vehicles and work hard to provide vehicles with top-quality lubricants and automotive components. This allows car professionals and aficionados to have access to special products tailored for their automotive needs.


Chemical products for automotion: examples


An example of chemical products for automotion is car polishers

Car manufacturers are constantly looking for the best and up-to-date chemical polishers which allow vehicles to have a great and lasting look. There is a wide range of available products tested and offered by emerging manufacturers and household brands.  

Rubber care, tire dressing, washers, car wax, polishers, conditioners and much more is available. All of them, assure the highest protection from natural conditions and provide an incredible shine. Such versatility allows consumers to choose the best car polisher which meet their needs.

Another example of chemical products for automotion is the lubrication and greasing products which also play an essential role. The manufacturers of chemical products for automotion have a customized catalog to satisfy such needs. It covers from motor oil to brake liquid and transmission liquid. The manufacturers develop diverse chemical products which allow engines to work flawlessly while protecting them from wearing.

High range manufacturers design superior oils with higher viscosity to help heat resistance and offer the best protection for all motor components. Many of these chemical product manufacturers also come out with special fluids for specific types of vehicles. These special products are designed to ensure an optimum performance of parts dealing with weight pressure such as manual transmissions, velocity joints and wheel bearings.


Manufacturers of chemical products for automotion beloging to Autoparts from Spain


Manufacturers of chemical products for automotion work relentlessly on their products aiming to offer the highest car care.

In Spain, there are several manufacturers of chemical products for automotion. Two of them belong to our platform Autoparts from Spain.

One of them is Olipes, specialized manufacturer that develops and produce lubricants, oil, grease, additives, freezers and maintenance products for cars, industrial vehicles and machinery as a whole.

At its 13,000-square-meter facility in Madrid’s outskirts, the company has been providing 2,500 references during the last 25 years. Its customers are first equipment manufacturers, fast-fit chains and car maintenance as well as independent multibrand garages. Olipes offers one of the highest and more complete product ranges globally with professional recognition in 45 countries.

Thanks to the development of its own manufacturing technology monitored by the strictest  quality control and standards as well as its lasting experience in the sector, the company is a  reference in three business areas: Olipes-branded products in more than 75 industrial sectors; private label for distributors and supply chain with a great variety of packaging and a comprehensive product catalog, and the added value of its sample laboratory and labeling services; and Tailored products for other high-volume manufacturers and clients searching for exclusive solutions manufactured under specific instructions and technical surveillance along the whole development process of turnkey projects.

Another manufacturer of chemical products for automotion belonging to Autoparts from Spain is Proquisur, a company created in 1985 to manufacture motor maintenance products such as refrigerants and antifreeze.

With the acquired 40-year experience, its portfolio has increased to include up-to-date products featuring excellent quality which serve to diverse motors, from lubricants to combustion additives and aerosol technical products.

The brand is consolidated in more than 25 countries in Europe, Africa and the middle east which represents more than 30% of the company’s billing

Also, Proquisur leads its work towards environment protection producing a range of products which help environment sustainability. This philosophy has allowed the company to obtain two certifications: European Quality 9001 and Environment 14001.

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