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January 2023 | Products

Automotive Microchips: Your Revolution in the Automotive Industry

Microchips are revolutionizing the automotive industry. Thanks to car microchips’ top-notch technology, new features are being enforced for all types of vehicles.

From fuel saving and electric car development to autonomous driving and safety functions, microchips have allowed manufacturers to make reliable, elegant and avant-garde answering to the needs and lifestyles in ongoing evolution.

Drivers will be enjoying more revolutionary advances along with progresses in the microchip technology in forthcoming years. This automotive sector progress will reduce even more the gap between modern comfort and sustainability.


Spanish landscape


In Spain, automotive microchips have gotten every time more popular as a way to improve vehicle efficiency.

These tiny silicon pieces are able to save and process a great amount of data which makes them ideal for maintenance and repairs. By using these chip systems, drivers can monitor their vehicle performance and make sure everything goes well at all times.

Besides, automotive microchips also offer improved security features which allow drivers to keep their cars away from not-allowed access or manipulations.


Manufacturers of automotive microchips


Microchip manufacturers for cars play a vital role within the automotive industry. Those components are essential for the production of vehicles and the technological advances in the sector. Without these components, manufacturers can’t keep on being competitive in the automotive industry.

Car microchips are made in different sizes and configurations, which means that every manufacturer may have a wide range of products to meet their client’s needs.

Quality control is key since chips must last long enough and work properly to do their job. Together with this a strict quality control, car microchip manufacturers should also offer innovative solutions to car manufacturers. They should constantly search for new technologies which allow the automotive industry’s progress by frequently developing special products for market niches which can reduce emissions or improve fuel efficiency. In this way, car microchip manufacturers - by providing high quality components with innovative designs and features - make sure the automotive sector worldwide keeps on.


Recent impact of the ‘microchip crisis’


The chip crisis has infected the automotive industry. Many car manufacturers were forced to a stop or slow their production due to chip scarce, which created serious delays in the supply chain.

Este fenómeno mundial ha causado muchos trastornos a los implicados, y estos problemas entre bastidores han complicado aún más una cadena de suministro automovilística ya de por sí compleja.

It is not to wonder that automotive chip providers hurry to find solutions because it is clear that the chip crisis will not be solved soon.


Reasons of the microchip crisis


The automotive microchip crisis is a result of a perfect storm of events.

For the start, microchips have a strong demand for automotive and electronic component production which are two growing industries due to the increase of remote working and social distancing as a result of the health crisis. This demand is posing a strong pressure on already tightened supply chains.

Moreover, relevant changes have occurred in the car chip supply, this has delayed production of vehicles all over the world. Finally, the Suez Canal blockage and an increase in costs of international shipping costs make matters worse for the car sector because deliveries automotive chips were stuck in docks or diverted away which slowed down container arrivals and transport of goods.

This event, which lasted a week, was a big blow for several automotive companies which now work hard to meet the growing clients’ demand while several sectors reopen their doors all over the world.


Microchip crisis: how to fix it


The automotive industry is facing a crisis due to the world scarce of automotive chips and to fix this, innovative solutions are needed.

Companies in the automotive sector need to find new sources to obtain such chips. Such alternatives should offer equivalent functionality. On the other hand, measures must be applied to increase the production and the inventory management.

Furthermore, these companies must take advantage of technologies such as the predictive analysis to stay ahead during a future demand of chips and develop strategies to serve it with anticipation. The automotive chips crisis is a challenge but with proactive strategies, the automotive industry can work together to overcome it and get back to full performance,

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