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April 2022 | Companies

What is a Concept Car: Innovation, Technology and Design

A concept car is a vehicle prototype, that is, an experimental automobile from which just one example is manufactured so the manufacturer previews what might be done in the future.

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March 2022 | Platform

Spanish automotive component exports closed 2021 with a 10% increase

In 2021, the Spanish automotive supplier sector exported €19,669 million, which means a 10% increase compared to 2020..Regarding 2019, a -5.2% decrease is observed.

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February 2022 | Products

Autonomous Vehicle: Innovation in the Component Manufacturers Sector

Vehicles move forward into driving autonomy. It clearly seems that in the forthcoming future autonomous vehicles will emulate the human driving ability.

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February 2022 | Companies

Sustainable mobility: what is the role of automotive component manufacturers?

Sustainable mobility is a core issue both for public and private agents. It is an objective with specific date to meet: 2035. Such year is expected to be the end of production and selling of combustion engine vehicles.

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