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February 2020 | Companies

Technological solutions for the new mobility

The arrival of humans on the Moon, over half a century ago, was a significant event that inspired people worldwide, completely changing the paradigm of that time.

The technology of lunar exploration vehicles represented a technological revolution comparable to the evolution in automotive technology that we are experiencing today.

Currently, the Spanish mobility industry is one of the most robust, competitive, and innovative, contributing to the GDP and offering quality employment. Spain has over a thousand manufacturers of automotive components in constant evolution, supported by specialized technological and research centers.

This automotive industry ecosystem is internationally recognized, being one of the sectors that invest the most in R&D, triple the Spanish industrial average.


Challenges in Transportation and Mobility


The future of new mobility faces various challenges.

Currently, transportation is grappling with significant challenges in energy, environmental impact, and economic issues. Spanish automotive component manufacturers, responsible for over 75% of the vehicle, contribute to addressing all these challenges by providing technological solutions.

These solutions help reduce the carbon footprint, improve air quality for lower energy consumption, and ensure the preservation of skilled jobs, maintaining competitiveness in the new mobility sector.


Committed to the Environment


New mobility will be more sustainable than ever.

The new mobility is committed to the most demanding environmental values, and at Autoparts from Spain, we are very aware of the care the environment requires. Therefore, we support all technologies that reduce carbon emissions.

Many automotive component manufacturers innovate with alternative propulsion systems, supporting the creation of more efficient vehicles. They work on reducing weight and consumption without sacrificing the key features of the components.

Smarter and More Effective Mobility Than Ever

The automobile will be the next revolution in terms of connectivity. This technological revolution will take us on a fascinating journey, from autonomous driving to digital connectivity and artificial intelligence. The mobility of the future will improve our lives in ways we haven't even imagined.


Components Manufactured in Spain


Quality elements for today's vehicles.

Components manufactured in Spain embody the quality and passion of everything we do.

With more flexible and efficient processes, thanks to intelligent production systems, we achieve product quality, always ensuring the highest competitiveness.


At Autoparts from Spain, we know that it is the moment of evolution, a significant step forward in the automotive industry that is already happening.

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