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February 2020 | Companies

Technological Solutions for the New Mobility

The man on the moon, half a century ago, was a big and inspiring event all around the world changing the paradigms of that time.

Technology on moon exploration vehicles brought a revolution which can be compared to today’s car technology evolution.

The Spanish mobility industry is currently one of the most stable competitive and innovative, contributors to GDP and home for quality jobs. Spain provides more than 1000 automotive component manufacturers in constant evolution. They are supported by investigation and technology specialized centers.

This car industry´s ecosystem is worldwide recognized. A sectors with a high R&D&I investment, three times higher than average in the Spanish industry.

Challenges in transport and mobility

The future of the new mobility faces is a number of challenges

Nowadays, transport faces important challenges regarding energy, environment impact and economic issues. The Automotive component manufacturers in Spain bring 75% of parts in a finished vehicle therefore such challenges are handled with a contribution of technological solutions. 

These solutions help the reduction of carbon footprint and improve air quality to achieve a lower use of energy. They also assure the preservation of qualified jobs to keep up with competitiveness in the new mobility sector.

Committed with the environment 

New mobility will be more sustainable than ever

The new mobility is committed with exigent environmental values and at Autoparts from Spain, we are conscious of the environment´s caring needs, that is why we support carbon-emission-reducing technologies.

Many car component manufacturers innovate in alternative propulsion systems to support a creation of more efficient vehicles. They also work on weight and consume reduction while protecting key features in the components.

A mobility more efficient and smarter than ever

The car will be the next connectivity revolution. This technological revolution will take us to a great journey: autonomous driving, digital connectivity and artificial intelligence. The mobility of the future will improve our life in ways we can´t yet imagine. 

Components made in Spain

Quality materials for today´s vehicles 

Components made in Spain carry all the quality and passion we print in all what we do.

With more efficient than flexible processes thanks to in intelligent production systems, we are able to improve the product quality always ensuring the highest competitiveness at every moment.

At Autoparts from Spain, we know that the evolution moment is now, a big step forward in the car industry that is here to stay.

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