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January 2020 | Exhibitions

SERNAUTO's 2020 plan to promote the

It is a plan that SERNAUTO designs and manages each year, in collaboration with ICEX Spain Export and Investment, and makes it available to all automotive suppliers in the sector.

Among the initiatives planned for 2020 is the organization of the presence of several companies that are part of the platform at the main sector fairs worldwide, such as:

  • Automechanika Dubai (UAE)
  • Automechanika Frankfurt (Germany)
  • IAA Hannover (Germany)
  • IZB Wolfsburg (Germany)
  • Automechanika Shanghai (China)

Autoparts from Spain will be present at Automechanika Frankfurt and IZB Wolfsburg, as Germany is a focus market of interest for the internationalization of companies adhering to our initiative.

Similarly, the plan will continue with the promotion in foreign markets of the platform, through the implementation of various campaigns and digital communication and marketing actions aimed at showcasing the offer and export capacity of Spanish suppliers.

In this regard, María Begoña Llamazares, Head of Markets at SERNAUTO, explains: "Following the trajectory of SERNAUTO's Foreign Trade Commission, a global action plan has been designed with a dual objective: promoting and increasing Spanish exports and investments in priority emerging and traditional markets, as well as diversifying destinations and generating new business opportunities for Spanish suppliers."

She also emphasizes that "in this edition, the focus is on disseminating the wide range of the Spanish offer in terms of both the supply chain and spare parts, as well as tourism and industrial vehicles. That is why we will execute actions focused on the most outstanding events worldwide in spare parts and the supply chain."

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