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May 2024 |

What is car oil and why it is so important for the engine?

Car oil is fundamental for the right functioning of any vehicle. Not only it ensures a proper lubrication for the engine moving parts avoiding a premature wearing but also plays a crucial role in fuel efficiency and extending of vehicle lifespan. A good oil maintenance protects and improves the engine performance besides contributing to environmental sustainability and assuring a cleaner and more efficient motor function. 


What is car oil?


Car oil is a lubricant specifically designed for the vehicle’s internal combustion motor. Its main function is reducing friction among moving parts in the engine, providing a protective layer which minimizes wearing. Oil also helps to keep the motor clean by filtering and transporting combustion waste and particles towards the oil filter where they can be removed without any damage. Oil also helps dissipate heat, then avoiding motor overheating. 

There are several types of car oil available in the market, each of them offers its own features and benefits:

  • Conventional oil is the average basic oil derived directly from petrol. It is cheaper but it requires more frequent changes and does not offer the same protection more specialized ones do regarding high temperatures.
  • Synthetic oil is a chemical-manufactured oil which reaches a major molecular purity and stability and provides a better protection in extreme conditions, offers a longer lifespan and a better performance in low temperatures. It is ideal for high-performance engines and extreme climate; however, it is more expensive than conventional oil.
  • Semi-synthetic oil also known as synthetic mixed, combines the features of synthetic and conventional oil. It offers some of the advantages of synthetic oil in a budget price becoming a popular choice for many drivers.


Factors affecting car oil quality


Car oil quality can be affected by several factors which compromise its efficacy and may accelerate the need for replacement. These include:

  • Temperature. High temperatures may degrade oil quicker by reducing its viscosity and lubricating capacity. This is a critical factor in hot weather or during an intensive vehicle use, such as road driving or under a heavy load ride. 
  • Driving type. Driving under extreme conditions such as heavy traffic or constant speeding may contribute to premature oil wearing. Frequent short-distance driving, as the engine does not reach its optimum temperature, may also affect the oil quality since it does not allow oil to effectively eliminate humidity and pollutants. 
  • Motor conditions. An old or badly maintained motor can pollute oil quicker due to internal leaks or incomplete combustion which implies more frequent oil changes.


Importance of a regular oil change 


A regular oil change is vital to keep an optimum motor performance and fuel efficiency. Clean oil reduces friction which allows the motor to work more smoothly and efficiently. Ignoring scheduled oil changes may result in:  

  • Impact to motor performance and fuel efficiency. Contaminated or degraded oil increases friction and wearing which can result in reducing motor power and increase fuel consumption. 
  • Consequences of an improper oil change. The cumulation of wasting particles in an old oil may create oil filter obstruction, reducing the lubrication quality and increasing the risk of overheating and engine damage.


How to detect problems in the car oil

It is crucial that the driver watches out for signals of a dirty or worn oil to avoid serious damage:

  • Signals of dirty or worn oil. Oil texture or color change, presence of particles or waste and burn smell may indicate that the oil should be changed.
  • Evidence of leaks or internal problems. For instance, oil stains under the car, oil levels quickly decreasing or smoke coming out from the motor could be warning signals that the lubrication system may be having leaks or internal problems which require prompt assistance.


Brands of reference of car oil manufacturing in Spain


In the automotive sector, quality and car oil specification are crucial to ensure a good performance and a long vehicle lifespan. Among the brands belonging to our initiative Autoparts From Spain, a special mention to Olipes and Proquisur. These companies not only provide high quality products, they also are at the innovation and technology forefront in their respective fields.


Olipes is a reference in the automotive lubrication business. Since its foundation in 1983, this Spanish brand has shown a constant commitment with quality and innovation. Located near to the Spanish capital, Olipes is specialized in developing and manufacturing oil, grease and other a special products required for vehicle and industrial machinery maintenance.

Its portfolio includes advanced lubricants for extreme climate conditions such as arctic climates, as well as EAL lubricants designed for the marine sector or petrol operations in sensitive environments. Also, Olipes has developed a specialized fluid for refrigeration and lubrication of electric motorization and offers a wide range of biodegradable lubricants. These products are especially appreciated in more than 45 countries for their high quality and added value that also are committed to sustainability and environmental protection. 


Proquisur, since its opening in 1985, has evolved from creating antifreeze and refrigerant products to turning into a pioneer in advanced solutions for car maintenance. Today, with a presence in more than 25 countries, the company expands borders and has expectations of high quality and sustainability in the market.

Besides, this firm meets with the highest standards of certifications such as European Quality 9001 and Environment 14001 redefining what green should mean in the automotive industry.

This is why with today’s article we want to highlight that choosing and maintaining the proper car oil is essential for the motor’s good functioning and lasting. It is not only about choosing the right oil but also following the recommended oil-change intervals and keeping the driver’s awareness of wearing signals or problems. A good oil maintenance ensures that the car motor works efficiently therefore optimizing its performance and increasing its lifespan. Taking care of car oil is not only a maintenance issue but also a long-term investment in your vehicle’s health.

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