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Septembre 2021 | Produits

Les fabricants de châssis automobiles nous disent tout sur le châssis

The chassis in the vehicle is an essential component. Several manufacturers of automotive components - members of Autoparts from Spain - are in charge of producing this car-manufacturing component both inside and mostly outside Spanish borders for a handful of automotive companies.

What is the chassis?

The vehicle has got structural block, a skeleton on which all and every item holds support from. We may say that the chassis - also known as frame - is the rigid structure which carries components such as the engine, the car body or the suspensions

Aside of being used as support, the chassis must meet certain standards so the vehicle parts hold up straight with no excessive and/or damaging stress. In fact, it is the chassis the one made to absorb the efforts and impacts the vehicle experiences while holding every component in their right place.

According to the automotive chassis manufacturers, the features that this component must have are:

  • High endurance, so its features don’t go away with the passing years, otherwise wreckages or breakages might appear.
  • A great rigidity which enables it to hold any stress without deformations
  • And being extremely light to enable the vehicle to be as agile as possible to take the most profit of the engine

What are the different types of chassis according to their manufacturing?

Based on their manufacturing, there are two different types of chassis with their own features

  • Ladder Frame Chassis: it is formed by two longitudinal bars that are unified by transversal crossbars. This chassis is the base to place the car interior and the car body which are independent and are screwed in to the component.
  • Self-supporting chassis: It is the most commonly used today for conventional vehicles. Its main feature can be summed up by the fact that the frame and the car body are completely and indivisibly joined. This union has the purpose to bring structural rigidity to the vehicle and house all its components as well

Chassis automotive manufacturers belonging to Autoparts From Spain

Autoparts from Spain gathers many of those manufacturers and supports the international expansion of the Spanish industry of components and equipment thanks to the high productivity and manufacturing quality, their highly-qualified human asset and its outstanding I+D investment together with their first-class commitment with environmental sustainability

Now, we are going to name the main automotive chassis manufacturers belonging to the Autoparts From Spain initiative:


DYS  has consolidated as a leading company in manufacturing and distribution of steering, suspension and rubber-metal related components. Its catalogue holds more than 12,500 references devoted to cars, vans or 4x4. Besides, the company owns a defined program to fully manufacture all steering-and-suspension-related chassis parts related,  supports or the silentblock.

Grupo Cautex

With more than 60 years of experience in the sector of automotive component manufacturers, Grupo Cautex has become one of the best positioned at European level. Its work quality with plastic modeling, rubber-metal and rubber items is widely known, providing a generous product offer to the market.

Metalúrgica Cembranos

Metalúrgica Cembranos is another manufacturer with a long trajectory in the Spanish automotive company and industry. Its activity dates from 1968. The company works as Tier 1 and Tier 2 in the sector. Its specialization is stamping, component welding, assembling and 3-D laser cutting. Its goal is to offer the best product possible with a service that greatly meets the higher standards of quality thanks to its ISO 9001:2015 certification.


RTS Is considered one of the main steering and suspension manufacturers in the independent aftermarket IAM. Its 35-years success career has made it a leading company in Europe since its components – include those corresponding to the chassis - have a quality comparable to original parts in all their aspects.


Talosa began to work in 1957, then on, the company has been building a leadership in the distribution and manufacturing market of steering, suspension or rubber-metal components. With more than 12,500 references servicing a great variety of vehicles from cars to 4x4. Every year Talosa brings 1,200 new chassis- oriented products with a quality equivalent to the original.


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