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September 2021 | Products

What is the Chassis and What Types Exist?

The vehicle's chassis is an essential component within it, and several automotive component manufacturers associated with Autoparts from Spain are responsible for producing this component for the manufacturing of automobiles, both within and, especially, outside Spanish borders, serving numerous companies in the automotive sector.


What is the chassis?


The vehicle has a structural frame, a skeleton upon which all of its elements rely. We could say that the chassis, also known as the frame, is the rigid structure that supports components such as the engine, the body, or the suspensions.

Apart from serving as support, the chassis must meet certain standards to ensure that all the vehicle's elements remain fixed in their position without experiencing excessive stress that could damage them. In reality, the chassis is responsible for absorbing the forces and impacts the vehicle encounters while consolidating each component in its place.

According to automotive chassis manufacturers, the qualities this component must possess are as follows:

  • High fatigue resistance to maintain its qualities over the years, as cracks or even breakages can develop with time.
  • Great rigidity to withstand any demands without deforming.
  • Absolute lightness to enable the vehicle to be as agile as possible in order to make the most of the engine's power.


What are the types of chassis based on their construction?


Based on their construction, there are two different types of chassis, each with its own characteristics:

  • Independent chassis: Also known as a "ladder" chassis, it is composed of two longitudinal beams connected by cross-members arranged transversely. In this case, the independent chassis serves as the base for the subsequent placement of the cabin and body, being independent and bolted to the mentioned component.

  • Unitary or monocoque chassis: This is the most commonly used type in today's conventional vehicles. Its main feature is that the frame and the body are entirely integrated, forming an indivisible unit. This integration provides structural rigidity to the vehicle while accommodating all its components.


Automotive chassis manufacturers belonging to Autoparts From Spain


Autoparts from Spain brings together a wide list of Spanish automotive component manufacturers with the aim of promoting international expansion in this sector. They achieve this through high productivity and excellent quality in their manufacturing processes, along with highly qualified workers and significant investments in research and development (R+D), as well as a strong commitment to environmental sustainability.

Here are the primary automotive chassis manufacturers that are part of the initiative driven by Autoparts From Spain:


DYS has established itself as a market leader in the production and distribution of automotive components related to steering, suspension, and rubber-metal parts. Their catalog includes over 12,500 references for cars, vans, and 4x4 vehicles. DYS also has a program in place for the complete manufacturing of all chassis-related parts concerning steering, suspension, supports, and silent blocks.

Grupo Cautex

With over 60 years of experience, Grupo Cautex is one of the best-positioned companies in the European automotive component manufacturing sector. Their quality in working with rubber, rubber-metal compounds, and plastic molding is highly regarded, providing a wide range of products to the market.

Metalúrgica Cembranos

Metalúrgica Cembranos has a long history in the Spanish automotive component industry, dating back to 1968. They specialize in stamping, welding of components, assembly of assemblies, and 3D laser cutting, serving as Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers in the sector. Their goal is to offer the best possible product and a service that consistently meets the highest quality standards, certified to the international ISO 9001:2015 standard.


RTS is considered one of the leading manufacturers of steering and suspension products in the independent aftermarket (IAM) industry. Their over 35 years of continuous success have catapulted them to lead this sector in Europe, with components, including those related to the chassis, that possess quality comparable to originals in all aspects.


Talosa began its operations as a company in 1957 and has since solidified its leadership in the production and distribution of components related to steering, suspension, and rubber-metal for automobiles. Their catalog includes more than 12,500 references for a wide variety of vehicles, from cars to 4x4s. Each year, they produce 1,200 innovative products with quality equivalent to the original, primarily focused on the chassis.

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