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Mars 2021 | Produits

Spanish automotive manufacturers of bearings show us what we should know about Wheel bearings

Movement is what a vehicle is meant to do. To make it happen, wheel bearings have an essential role in the system. Autoparts from Spain’s Automotive bearing manufacturers, now give us a closer look on automotive wheel bearing. Where can we find a better explanation than the one the Spanish leading automotive manufacturers of bearings have for us?

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Mars 2021 | Plate-forme

The industry of Spanish automotive suppliers registers a steady increase

In 2020, the automotive supplier sector exported €17,879 million, which shows a 13.8% decrease compared to 2019. During 2020, the Spanish industry had faced a dramatic fall linked to the automotive products’ world commerce being slowed down as a COVID-19 consequence.

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Mars 2021 | Produits

Car Body Manufacturers

The car body is the external layer of the vehicle. It shapes the chassis and platform. Therefore, it is the car body structure which creates the cabin. Besides, it allows vehicles, having the same chassis and platform, to have different specific aesthetics and functionalities.

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Février 2021 |

More than 30 companies belonging to Autoparts from Spain will be present at Automechanika Frankfurt

Automechanika Frankfurt 2021 fair will be held next September in-person.

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