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Janvier 2022 | Produits

Mobilité connectée : l'importance des équipementiers automobiles

Connected mobility will be one of the big challenges for automotive component suppliers this year. But not only for them, because facing connected mobility, the automotive industry welcomes new players: tech and telecommunication startups and companies.

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Janvier 2022 | Entreprises

Secteur espagnol des composants automobiles 2022 : reprise et stratégie

2021 is over. A year that industry players faced with a hopeful start to bring a notable recovery for the industry after the 2020’s health emergency impact on global economy in general and a on the automotive industry in particular, among many other industries.

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Janvier 2022 | Entreprises

Secteur des composants automobiles Espagne : origines et histoire

The Spanish Automotive Equipment and Components Manufacturing industry has been a world leader for decades given its high quality standards, its investment in technology and innovation, as well as for its extensive experience.

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Décembre 2021 | Entreprises

Metalurgicas Cembranos et Gonvarri Industries rejoignent Autoparts d'Espagne

Metalúrgicas Cembranos and Gonvarri Industries, Spanish companies devoted to manufacturing automotive components have joined the platform Autoparts From Spain, an initiative promoted by SERNAUTO in collaboration with ICEX España Exportación e Inversiones to amplify the visibility and competitiveness of the Spanish automotive company industry at the international stage. Autoparts from Spain also works on positioning the industry on experience, technology, innovation and quality

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