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October 2021 | Exhibitions

Fairs of automotive component manufacturers

After the worst moments of the health emergency have passed, it seems that we are indeed moving towards the new normal, recovering routines in all areas, including in-person professional meetings. Automotive component manufacturers' trade fairs are also making a comeback. Some of them have already done so, like Automechanika, which was held in Frankfurt a few weeks ago in a hybrid format. It was a highly anticipated return, considering the attendance and participation data.

This fair, one of the main exhibitions for automotive component manufacturers on both a European and international scale, had 388 exhibitors for its 'reopening', with 53% participating in person and the rest online.

In terms of visitors, this German automotive component manufacturers' fair counted more than 10,000 attendees from 70 countries. Two-thirds of them engaged through new digital participation features such as live streams, smart matching, and individual video calls. In total, the platform recorded 25,000 interactions, 21,000 stream views, and around 1,600 video calls.

This trend towards digitization of processes, which was prominent at Automechanika Frankfurt this year, is becoming more prevalent in the automotive spare parts market. It's highly likely that future automotive component manufacturers' fairs in Europe, such as IZB and IAA, will consider hybrid participation formats.




IAA has already taken this step, hosting a hybrid event in Munich for the first time in its history. A few weeks ago, at the beginning of September, they brought together 400,000 visitors from 95 countries, 744 professional exhibitors, and 936 speakers from 32 countries.

In the upcoming edition scheduled for September 2023, the exhibiting companies will showcase their technologies and innovations not only within the exhibition hall but also at strategic locations throughout the city of Munich. Thanks to a 360-degree mobility program, they will engage with citizens to demonstrate the potential of the latest advances in autonomous transportation, digitalization, and sustainability, as stated by the organization.


International Suppliers Fair (IZB)


After being postponed twice due to the health emergency, this automotive component manufacturers' fair will take place in October 2022 in Wolfsburg.

To bridge the gap until the in-person fair in 2022, IZB expanded the IZB Online Marketplace for its exhibitors in October 2021, providing them with the opportunity to showcase their products and services in the areas of interest for the event. Additionally, the 'Automotive Supplier Summit' congress organized by IPM AG in Wolfsburg, to complement the fair, took place in a hybrid format on October 4th.

In 2022, IZB will focus on the transformation of the automotive industry and the advancement of digitalization in its products, services, and processes.


Equip Auto


The most significant French fair for automotive component manufacturers will be held in October 2022 at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles. Under the theme "Reinventing Mobility Services," Equip Auto is, within the EMEA region, the leading international innovation event in after-sales and connected mobility services. Equip Auto places innovation, experience, exchange, and coexistence at the center, bringing together all actors and knowledge in the automotive value chain to design, develop, and succeed in the mobility services of the future.

In its next edition in 2022, Equip Auto and the Mondial de l'auto, two iconic events in the automotive industry, will join forces and be held simultaneously.

From Autoparts from Spain, a platform promoting Spanish automotive component manufacturers, we celebrate this return to normalcy, and surely both our platform and many of our members will be present at the upcoming automotive component manufacturers' fairs.

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