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April 2022 | Companies

What is a Concept Car: Innovation, Technology and Design

A concept car is a vehicle prototype, that is, an experimental automobile from which just one example is manufactured so the manufacturer previews what might be done in the future.

When designing a concept car both technology and aesthetic terms are considered. Generally, a concept car is an automobile idea which features new solutions in aesthetics, mechanics and technology representing a new or different vehicle concept.

An example: the concept car’s goal is establishing new parameters in fields such as style, technology or aerodynamics.

Concept as inspiration

The basic inspiration in this creation’s concept must be represented by each and every aspect of the vehicle, such as:

  • Design: proposing unusual and risky solutions both from a technical and aerodynamic point of view.
  • Mechanics: a concept car can have much horsepower (if they are sport car or hypercar prototypes) or using a different/alternative fuel (as the electric car’s case).
  • Carbody: Improving the basic car structure, that is why concept cars offer the possibility to use materials such as carbon fiber or special metal alloys.
  • Emissions and fuel consumption: creating new solutions to reduce emissions, as an improved version of an already existing technology or a new system to reduce pollution emission production.

From concept car to mass production

Generally, when a concept car breaks into the market it should take off some initial elements due to production model demands both in design, especially because of conflicts in meeting the legislation, and at mechanic level. Also, the gap in between a concept car and a final production vehicle may take up to five years, however the inspiration and the philosophy of the prototype is kept.

Nowadays, concept cars represent a great progress not only regarding design and mechanics but also regarding connectivity, autonomous driving or electrification for future models.


Autoparts from Spain’s companies involved in the development of new concept cars

Something that characterizes companies belonging to Autoparts from Spain is that they devote most of their efforts to investigation, development and innovation tasks to make up advanced automotion solutions.

In this sense, entities and companies belonging to Autoparts from Spain contribute to develop innovating concept cars.

A recent example of this is in-Pulse, the Grupo Antolin´s concept car. A concept car which introduces a new generation of air-purification solutions and surface sterilization in the car interior.

This new concept car offers solutions already available for commerce, combined with technologies expected to come to the market in the middle term. The prototype represents a SUV electric with a level-4 autonomy and an adaptative interior to please the passengers’ loading and storaging needs.

This concept car proposes a safer and healthier environment for passengers. Besides, Grupo Antolin´s proposal is looking for creating a comfortable and cozy vehicle interior which transform itself to provide users with a customized driving experience in hand with an active acoustic system technology, screening information displayed on interior surfaces or built-in personalized functional lighting in the roof plus folding parasols which open automatically only when needed, creating then individual comfort bubbles.

Regarding ADAS systems, they involve the integration of cameras using artificial intelligence such as the driving monitoring systems, DMS, and the occupant monitoring system, OMS. Also, these technologies can be used to configure the passenger’s preferences regarding comfort, information and entertaining.



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