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February 2021 | Companies

Automotive steering Manufacturers

The importance of the steering system in automotive is decisive. Ensuring that the vehicle's wheels go in the desired direction through the manipulation of the steering wheel is fundamental. That's why many automotive steering system manufacturers invest significant efforts in the development of the components that make up the steering system.

The steering system is an essential safety system on which, for example, the alignment of the front wheels, even tire wear, and the stability of the vehicle depend, both in curves and during braking.


Automotive steering system manufacturers: Elements that make up the steering system


The steering system is composed of a series of elements that work together to transmit the movement from the steering wheel to the wheels:

  • Steering wheel, the element with which the driver controls the trajectory of the wheels.
  • Steering rod, a mechanical element that connects the steering wheel to the steering box.
  • Steering box, an element that receives the movement from the rod and transmits it to the wheels through the gears it contains. The steering box can be recirculating ball or rack and pinion, the latter being the most common.
  • Steering terminals. These are ball joint-type connections that transmit the movement from the steering box to the steering wheels. Additionally, they are responsible for absorbing irregularities in the terrain we drive on.

Linked to our platform Autoparts from Spain, many automotive steering system manufacturers specialize in the production of different elements that make up the steering systems of vehicles, as well as different types of steering systems as a whole.

An example of this is Lizarte, an automotive steering system manufacturer that covers the production of hydraulic, mechanical, power steering, and servo steering systems. This automotive steering system manufacturer produces both these systems as a whole and the elements that compose them, as well as other spare parts such as air conditioning compressors, hydropneumatic suspension spheres, Diesel injection systems, EGR valves, and ignition coils. With almost 50 years of history, the company specializes in the remanufacturing process and is certified by the highest quality standards (ISO 9001:2018 and TS 16949).


Automotive steering system manufacturers: Autoparts from Spain companies producing steering system elements


In addition to Lizarte, other automotive steering system manufacturers linked to Autoparts from Spain are companies specialized in the manufacture of elements that make up the steering system.

Automotive steering system manufacturers: Steering rods and steering linkages

Among the Autoparts from Spain automotive steering system manufacturers, companies specialized in the manufacture of steering rods and steering linkages are:

  • DYS-IR, market leader in the manufacture and distribution of steering, suspension, and rubber-metal components for automobiles.
  • Metalcaucho, a company dedicated for over 30 years to the sector of spare parts and accessories of rubber and metal for automobiles, working with practically all global brands.
  • RTS, the most competitive manufacturer of steering and suspension products in the independent aftermarket (IAM) market.
  • Talosa, a company with more than 60 years leading the market in the manufacture and distribution of steering, suspension, and rubber-metal components for automobiles.

Automotive steering system manufacturers: Steering boots and steering axles and joints

Regarding steering axles and joints, all the mentioned companies also develop and manufacture this element of the steering system.

Similarly, all these automotive steering system manufacturers also manufacture steering boots. Linked to this element is another company from Autoparts from Spain: AUTOFREN-SEINSA belongs to the AZKAETXA group and is a leader in the manufacture of products for brake, transmission, steering, and suspension systems for the main original equipment manufacturers, Tier 1/2, and the automotive aftermarket worldwide.


Spanish automotive steering system manufacturers: Why choose them?


Automotive steering system manufacturers, in particular, and the Spanish automotive components industry, in general, play a prominent role in the international automotive sector.

Spanish automotive component manufacturers are present in more than 170 countries on all five continents and export more than 58% of their turnover. In this context, the sector of equipment and components has a fundamental weight in the vehicle's value chain, contributing around 75% of the total, a weight that is expected to increase because components are becoming increasingly technologically sophisticated.

This international expansion of the equipment and components industry is due to the high productivity and quality of Spanish automotive suppliers, the high qualification of their human team, significant investment in R+D+i, and strong commitment to environmental responsibility.

From Autoparts from Spain, we support the Spanish components sector and include many of these manufacturers on our platform. An example of the impetus with which we want to contribute to the international expansion of component manufacturers is the campaign "SpanishAutomotiveSuppliersAre," launched by our platform, to showcase what Spanish automotive suppliers are and what they represent.

Spanish automotive component companies have made a strong commitment to research, development, and innovation, as they are well aware of the dynamism of the industry and the need to create new products that adapt to manufacturers' needs.

In fact, with a significant investment in R+D+i - around 4% of their turnover - the Spanish industry of equipment and components for the automotive sector is one of the leading sectors in research and development, both nationally and internationally.

Furthermore, quality is one of the main hallmarks of the Spanish components industry, setting high quality standards in each phase of vehicle construction.

To achieve excellent performance, component manufacturers make a significant investment in generating new products and achieving more efficient manufacturing processes, always oriented towards quality and sustainability.

These high standards of quality, commitment, professionalism, sustainability, and innovation make Autoparts From Spain recognized in the international sector, being the first choice for many manufacturers and consumers.

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