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Automotive steering Manufacturers

The relevance of the automotive steering system is determinant. Wheels going along with the desired direction by using the steering wheel is fundamental. So, several automotive steering manufacturers invest great efforts in the development of items which build the steering system

The steering system is an essential safety system to which the front wheel parallelism, the uniform tire wearing and the vehicle stability -both while turning or braking- are dependable of.

Automotive steering manufacturers: items which build up the steering system

The steering system is built up on a series of items which are coordinated to transmit movement from the steering wheel to the wheels:

  • Steering wheel, an item with which the driver controls the trajectory of the wheels.
  • The steering rods, mechanical items connecting the steering wheel with the steering box.
  • Steering box, item that receives movement from the rods to get it transmitted to the wheels by its gear system. It can be a recirculating-ball steering box, or rack steering box, this latter the most common.
  • Tie rods. They are joints which transmit movement from the steering box to the leading wheels. They are also in charge of absorbing the irregularities on the roads we use.

Many automotive steering manufacturers are featured into our platform. They are specialized in manufacturing diverse items which build up the vehicle’s steering system and also the different steering systems as a whole.

An example of the latter is Lizarte, an automotive steering manufacturing company which covers the manufacturing of hydraulic, power-steering, mechanic, assisted and steering systems. This automotive steering manufacturer creates both these system sets and their components, and some other spare parts such as air-conditioning compressors, hydropneumatics suspension spheres, diesel injection systems, EGR valves, and starting-up valves. A 50-year history makes this company an expert in the manufacturing process area also certified with the highest quality standards (ISO 9001:2018 y TS 16949).

Automotive steering manufacturers: Autoparts from Spain companies which manufacture items as part of the steering system

Besides Lizarte, other automotive steering manufacturers linked to Autoparts from Spain are companies specialized in manufacturing items to build up the steering system

Automotive steering manufacturers: steering rack

Among the automotive steering manufacturers in Autoparts from Spain, the company is specialized in developing and manufacturing steering racks are FARE and Grupo Cautex.

  • FARE is a company created in 1986 which main activity is selling and distributing rubber and rubber-metal products for automotive spare parts.
  • Regarding Grupo Cautex, with more than 60 years of experience in the sector with a European-scale recognition because of their quality products in rubber, rubber-metal and plastic molding

Automotive steering manufacturers: steering rods

Among the automotive steering manufacturers in Autoparts from Spain, the company is specialized in manufacturing steering bar and steering rods are:

  • DYS-IR, leader in the distribution and manufacturing market of vehicle stirring, suspension and rubber-metal.
  • Metalcaucho, company focused for more than 30 years to the car’s spare parts and rubber metal accessories sector. They work with most of the global brands.
  • RTS, the independent spare-part market’s more competitive suspension and steering products manufacturer.
  • Talosa, A 60-year old Company, leader in the market of car’s rubber metal, suspension and steering components distribution and manufacturing.

Automotive steering manufacturers: steering bellows and steering axles and ball joints

Regarding steering axles and ball joints, all the above-mentioned companies also manufacture and develop this item for the steering system.

All automotive steering manufacturers make as well steering bellows. Associated to this item, one more Autoparts from Spain’s company is a highlight: AUTOFREN-SEINSA, belonging to AZKAETXA group, is a leader in the manufacturing of suspension, steering, braking and transmission systems for the main original equipment manufacturers, Tier 1/2 , and automotive spare-parts after-sales worldwide.

Spanish automatic steering manufacturers:  why to choose them?

Automotive steering manufacturers, in particular, and the automotive component industry in Spain, in general, perform an outstanding role in the automotive sector at international level.

The automotive component and manufacturers in Spain are present in more than 170 countries over the five continents. They export more than 58% of their total billing. With this landscape, the component and equipment sector has a determining influence in the vehicle’s value chain. They contribute with around 75% of the total. This influence is foreseen to increase since components are every time more sophisticated, technologically speaking.

This international expansion in the industry of components and equipment happens thanks to high productivity and quality of the Spanish automotive suppliers, a high-qualified human factor, the notorious R+D t investment and their commitment and responsibility with the environment.

At Autoparts from Spain, we support the Spanish component in sector, we gather most of these manufacturers in our platform. A display of the push we want for the component manufacturers’ international expansion can be seen in the campaign “SpanishAutomotiveSuppliersAre”. Released by our platform, people can learn there all about what Spanish automotive providers are and represent.

# SpanishAutomotiveSuppliersAre….

Spanish automotive component suppliers have strongly supported investigation, development and innovation. They are very aware of the industry’s dynamism as well as of the need of creating new products adapted to manufacturer’s needs.

In fact, with an outstanding R+D investment -around 4% of their billing- the Spanish component and equipment industry is one of the leading sectors in investigation and development both nationally and overseas.

Also, quality is one of our signals of identity in the Spanish component industry. High quality standards are set in all and every phase of vehicle manufacturing.

For achieving the best performance, component manufacturers bring a significant investment both in generating new products and finding out about more efficient manufacturing processes, always sustainability and quality oriented.

These quality, commitment, professionalism, sustainability and innovation high standards make the Spanish Brand (Marca España) of automotive components be recognized worldwide to the point that, in fact, is the first choice for many consumers and manufactures.



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