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November 2022 | Companies

Automotive electrical equipment manufacturers

Manufacturers of electric equipment for automotion are specialized in the development and production of electric components related to the vehicle. Multiple items belong here: from battery wiring and charging systems to lightning and audio systems.

Electric automotive equipment usually includes special items such as diagnostic tools which helps automotive technicians to solve complex issues.

All electric products for vehicles must meet rigorous safety measures depending on their specific use. That is why, manufacturers of electric equipment for vehicles are bound to follow quality tests and they must update their products according to new laws in order to assure consumers top-notch technologies aligned with the current legislation.


About some components of the electric equipment of vehicles


Manufacturers of electric equipment for cars: the switch

The car switch is a device able to modify connections of two or more electric circuits. The connection change is usually performed turning or switching the contactor, which is a part which goes on or off over the fixed contacts.

A clear example is the lightning switch for car headlamps. Switching is usually performed with a lever which defines if the lights are on or off both in dipped and high beam headlights.

On the other hand, there are also switches which turn connections on and off by a turn or a move. For example, dipped lights are on with a turn and high beam lights with a further move in several car models.

A switch type is the reed switch which is used in electric motors and dynamos, generally called the collector.

Switching equipment must be reliable, lasting and high-temperature resistant, necessary conditions to keep cars going safely and efficiently. To sum up, switching equipment for cars play an essential role in the function of the car’s electric equipment.

Companies belonging Autoparts from Spain, such as ANGLÍ, are manufacturers of electric equipment for automotion, specialized in switch manufacturing for electric equipment for cars.

Anglí Industrias has a 70-year run offering solutions in the field of electrical and electronic components for the automotive sector. This includes design, testing and manufacturing in its Barcelona-based facilities.

Nowadays, it offers a wide range of products including from distributor caps, distributor rotators, contact sets, compensators, ground contacts, condensers, ignition coils, ignition wires, acceleration sensors to temperature sensors, reversing and stop light switches, hydraulic switches. All of them original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

Through its history, ANGLÍ has garnered a reputation of quality and reliability thanks to client’s loyalty and trust. Today, the company exports more than 50% of their billing to more than 40 countries.

Manufacturers of electric equipment for automation: Window wiper systems

Another system belonging to the electric equipment in the car is the window wiper system. The wipers are in charge to perform the window and windshiled cleaning. They are formed by a starting switch which boosts the electric engine on. Its functioning consists on activating some reduction gears which transform the engine’s rotary movement into an oscillating movement.

The wiper arms have a long rubber side acting as a brush. Their movement goes from 50 to 70 oscillations a minute. This allows water or any other element on the glass to be moved away from driver’s view. These arms can be placed both rear and front.

Their movement frequency may be set as well. To do so, there are different positions with customized speeds and an intermittent movement option used for cases of mild drizzle.

Manufacturers of electric equipment for cars have worked hard on making a modern windshield system as efficient and comfortable as possible. Today, drivers can enjoy a wide range of features like cascading water sprinklers, adjustable speed and movements, heated wiper blades -which avoid ice on the windshield in cold weather- and much more.

With the ongoing improvements of these systems, car technology makes sure a safe driving experience able to handle easily any weather condition while keeping a clear view on the road.

Autoparts from Spain also counts with manufacturers of electric equipment for cars specialized in developing and manufacturing wiper systems such as Grupo CAUTEX. With more than 60 years of experience in the sector, the brand CAUTEX is recognized all over Europe because of its quality in the rubber, rubber-metal and plastic molding segment. The company has always worked for product quality providing the market with a wide range of products of original or equivalent quality. CAUTEX follows a strict quality control meeting the quality norm UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015. A lot number in applied to all references assuring a full tracking of all parts and items.

Its modern logistic warehouse is highly automated together with a strong logistic management software which allows fast and efficient deliveries to every corner of the world.

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