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November 2020 | Platform

How does the Spanish Automotive Suppliers sector contribute to sustainability?

The automotive industry plays a strategic role in the economy of many countries. Specifically, in Spain, it represents 10% of the Gross Domestic Product and has a significant multiplier effect, from the design and manufacturing of parts and vehicle assembly to their marketing and repair, with important synergies with other sectors.

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September 2020 | Platform

Why choose Spanish automotive suppliers?

Discover the global strength of the Spanish automotive components industry, exporting 58% of its earnings to 170 countries. Innovation, commitment, and quality position it as a leader, with a notable investment of 1.5 billion in R&D. Despite the crisis, it remains the preferred choice worldwide.

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September 2020 | Platform

Autoparts from Spain joins the European Mobility Week 2020

From September 16 to 22, the 'European Mobility Week' was celebrated. This year, under the slogan 'Zero-emission mobility for all,' participants aimed to reflect the ambitious goals of a carbon-neutral continent by 2050, as outlined by the President of the European Commission during the presentation of the European Green Deal.

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August 2020 | Platform

Spanish automotive suppliers at the forefront of the digital and sustainable transformation of the sector.

Digitalization has been part of the DNA of Spanish automotive suppliers from the beginning. Every year, the sector invests over 4% of its revenue in R&D, totaling 1.458 billion euros last year, positioning it as a benchmark country in the global context.

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