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April 2023 | Companies

Automotive electrical connectors: what are they? Types and characteristics

Automotive electrical connectors are a key component of car wiring systems, as they are a tool that performs the important task of connecting various parts of the car's wire harness. Without automotive electrical connectors, it would be nearly impossible for automotive engineers to quickly create automotive components that fit precisely with each other.

Automotive electrical connectors come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and some are designed for very specific automotive tasks, such as engine starting or working with fuel conduits.

In general, automotive electrical connectors provide a crucial link between all the moving parts that help power the vehicle.


Features of Automotive Electrical Connectors


Automotive electrical connectors can be found in practically every automotive application, from radios to fuel injectors. These robust and reliable parts are designed to protect electrical circuits from damage due to vibrations, heat, or corrosion.

Automotive electrical connectors have a wide range of features depending on their intended use, such as high amperage contacts for charging batteries or crimping and soldering systems for different types of wiring. In addition, automotive electrical connectors come in many shapes and sizes to fit in tight spaces within vehicles. Whether we're talking about a waterproof locking branch cable connector or a simple right-angle blade terminal, automotive electrical connectors offer quick and secure installation with guaranteed performance.

Automotive electrical connectors are a crucial component or tool in many automotive systems. They provide reliable connections between multiple electrical circuits while inhibiting interference that can affect the performance of the car. These connectors come in various shapes and sizes to meet the diverse needs of automotive systems, ranging from heavy-duty industrial applications to smaller automotive lighting installations.

Automotive electrical connectors also offer excellent protection against high temperatures, moisture, and corrosive elements for long-lasting performance. Additionally, these connectors are designed with a range of features such as self-cleaning contacts, integrated seals, and customizable housings for even greater reliability.


Types of Automotive Electrical Connectors


Automotive electrical connectors play an essential role in a car's overall performance, as they provide a strong and reliable connection to the car's electronic components. As such, there is a wide variety of automotive electrical connectors on the market today that have been designed to meet the needs of both the driver and the automotive system. These automotive electrical connectors come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and can be customized for specific uses, making them ideal for many different automotive applications.

While some automotive electrical connectors are primarily designed for power transmission and electronic signal transmission, others provide waterproof protection while allowing connections between components.


Manufacturers of Automotive Electrical Connectors Associated with Autoparts from Spain


In Spain, there are several manufacturers of automotive electrical connectors. Three Spanish companies are associated with our platform, Autoparts from Spain.

One of them, Anglí Industrias, has been working since 1954 to provide solutions in the field of electrical and electronic components for the automotive sector, designing, testing, and manufacturing all of their products entirely.

Currently, the company offers a wide range of products, including distributor caps, distributor rotors, contact sets, capacitors, ignition coils, ignition cables, revolution sensors, temperature sensors, hand contacts, reverse light switches, stop switches, and hydraulic switches. All of these have quality equivalent to original equipment (OEM).

Throughout its history, Anglí has built a reputation for quality and reliability thanks to the trust and loyalty of its customers. Today, it exports more than 50% of its revenue to over 40 countries.

On the other hand, the company FAE - Francisco Albero S.A.U. designs and manufactures electrical and electronic products for automobiles. They offer customers a wide range of products with over 4,500 references, all with quality equivalent to OEM.

Always committed to innovation, FAE has solidified its position in the field of multilayer ceramic applications, ceramic substrate development, and microelectronic system implementation.

FAE's product range includes engine management elements, thermal management elements, ignition system elements, switches, and gadgets.

With over 68 years of experience and located in Barcelona, FAE exports 75% of its sales and currently operates in over 97 countries.

Another company associated with Autoparts from Spain and dedicated to the manufacture and development of automotive electrical connectors is SADECA, founded in 1983 in Barcelona. After many years of rigor, a passion for automobiles, and a competitive spirit, SADECA has become a leader in cable manufacturing for the automotive industry.

Specializing in the development, design, and production of wear sensors and hardware for brake systems and various industrial applications for automotive, commercial vehicles, and trucks in the OEM/OES and AM markets, the company guarantees compliance with the strict control and validation procedures required in the automotive industry, thanks to its quality standards. SADECA has become a global supplier to leading brake pad and brake system manufacturers.

The company also has one of the most complete product ranges in the industry, a global sales network, and manufacturing facilities on three continents, located in the cities of Barcelona, Guangzhou, and Tanger Free Zone. This allows SADECA to support its customers in their international expansion projects by offering its products with ease and proximity worldwide.

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